Happy Earth Month, penguins!

This just happens to be a great time to go out and get science-y! Because hey, the better we understand our world, the better we can care for it.

But okay, complete honesty—I’m not the best one to teach science. Not when we have a rocket scientist (and self-driving tube maker) who can help.

Here are some of Gary’s Earth Month exploration ideas:

  1. Discover the island’s incredible flora and fauna. There’s even a fish you can catch which had been thought to be extinct! What strange species have you found?
  2. Explore the island’s strange environment. There are both icebergs and warm beaches. What are your theories on how these extreme climates coexist?
  3. Search the Sea Caves. It seems there are remnants of a past civilization within them. What can you learn about their culture?

Those are some great questions to think about this Earth Month. Just be careful in the Sea Caves—I’ve heard trapper plants love chomping on research notes.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our Earth Month video for more celebration ideas!

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CP68932280Apr 24 @ 4:58 AM
You are the best I have yet done with my life and you
danielus33Apr 23 @ 5:46 PM
The earth day emoji daily challenge is confirmed to be a bug.I already got a reply from support and the emoji's was the born in China emoji's,the one with the panda,snow leopard and the monkey if i am not wrong.
Nmc01Apr 23 @ 10:06 PM
So I see. Thank you.

The fact remains that one challenge on Earth Day was impossible. Snowman suggests CPI compensate by giving at least one day within this week more challenges than usual.

Not that they have to do it, but players will associate (in)action with whether Disney is serious about CPI.
fergadeliciousApr 23 @ 12:29 PM
I would've leveled up but now I have to wait another day due to yesterday's emoji fail
DracuWolf888Apr 23 @ 5:49 AM
I'm gonna be aqua so that I can be blue AND green LOL. Happy earth month! I'm gonna be aqua for the rest of April! (P.S. I watched the video and now I'm gonna be aqua. My emoji is even aqua! LOL)
peeps123Apr 23 @ 3:42 AM
I puted a lot and it did not work CP

If you are able to fix it, that will be great!☺☺☺
Nmc01Apr 23 @ 1:15 AM
Guess how many penguins used the Earth Day emojis!

Zero. This was a glaring oversight. The challenge was impossible because the emojis never came!

Now the #notmycp penguins have more grounds to complain, understand? Not even a month in, and CPI staff is getting careless.

Snowman is disappointed!
Nmc01Apr 23 @ 9:44 AM
Splendid! Precisely why anyone who joined a popular server completed yesterday's community challenge... oh dear.

Earth Day and its challenges were yesterday. The emojis and Earth Day decorations came today. As a result, yesterday's emoji challenge had 0/10000 progress.

Snowman deems this careless!
Nmc01Apr 23 @ 5:11 PM
Well, whether it shows in a gift box or not, everyone who logs in today should have the Earth Day emojis and hat now. Check.

But! Snowman maintains that there was still carelessness, since these should have been released yesterday to complete the community challenge! Yesterday was Earth Day, even!
Nmc01Apr 22 @ 6:57 PM
Even now, the Earth Day quest is impossible to do! This decreases Earth Day support, y'know.

Snowman is alarmed by this madness! First off, someone should be fired.

Second! Since this was not fixed promptly, it is only fair to double the number of Daily Quests for tomorrow! And they must all work!
peeps123Apr 23 @ 3:38 AM
Dont be mean this is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FredunicornApr 23 @ 6:00 AM
Club penguin island is fun
I like the pizza ,dance party's ,
friends, and activities
FrogshadowApr 23 @ 7:34 AM
He's right, I couldn't complete it. This game could be better, you must admit
Nmc01Apr 23 @ 10:03 AM
Yet, a game being proclaimed as the best ever, followed by 20 exclamation marks, would surely not make such a mistake.

Hence Snowman understands why people are upset! They expected better from a fun game's successor, but this mistake was careless.

Also, Snowman values your objectivity, Frogshadow!
CP5665979900Apr 22 @ 5:13 PM
Please fix the emoji quest! Oh and I want my igloo and puffles back! I also want Sensei and the three element ninja dojos back! Or at least just the original dojo but still the elements and Cardjitsu!! I had a black belt and all three element ninjas on Club Penguin! I want all of that back!
Shark1104Apr 22 @ 2:47 PM
I love this game and i want to level up so please fix the emoji quest. Can anybody tell me when it might work so I can log on and complete the quest.
Snow908Apr 22 @ 12:41 PM
I still have know idea what a earth emoji looks like 😅
DracuWolf888Apr 23 @ 5:52 AM
+Snow908 IKR???? LOL it's not even in my emoji list. Maybe it's an emoji with the earth, with a penguin face on it? I'm not too sure though.......... LOL. Waddle on!
MissbirbApr 22 @ 12:15 PM
Since challenges are the only way to unlock quests, presenting us with one we cannot complete and taking longer than 24 hours to fix it is inexcusable.
TheWildBird44Apr 22 @ 12:00 PM
Hey mods of CP. I'm here to address a problem. Whenever someone uses an emoji, the app doesn't recognize the emoji, so we can't do the daily challenge. Hope you can fix! ~ TheWildBird44
ElitedancerApr 22 @ 11:45 AM
We can't complete the challenge !!! The emojis are not working.. it's like the server does not recongnize them