Happy Earth Month, penguins!

This just happens to be a great time to go out and get science-y! Because hey, the better we understand our world, the better we can care for it.

But okay, complete honesty—I’m not the best one to teach science. Not when we have a rocket scientist (and self-driving tube maker) who can help.

Here are some of Gary’s Earth Month exploration ideas:

  1. Discover the island’s incredible flora and fauna. There’s even a fish you can catch which had been thought to be extinct! What strange species have you found?
  2. Explore the island’s strange environment. There are both icebergs and warm beaches. What are your theories on how these extreme climates coexist?
  3. Search the Sea Caves. It seems there are remnants of a past civilization within them. What can you learn about their culture?

Those are some great questions to think about this Earth Month. Just be careful in the Sea Caves—I’ve heard trapper plants love chomping on research notes.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our Earth Month video for more celebration ideas!

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Gummi BearMay 15 @ 11:54 PM
Hey I have a question. What is a guest blogger? Cause I've seen a few on here. 😉