Hi penguins,

Now that Club Penguin Island is here, there’s only one thing left to do: CELEBRATE!

The FIRST EVER worldwide meet-up on Club Penguin Island is happening here:

When: Monday, April 3, 2017

World: Zipline

Times: 11:00 am PST & 4:00 pm PST (Pacific/Penguin Standard Time)


This’ll be an awesome time to meet new penguins and make friends. Take it from me–jumping to the top of the waterfall or eating cake underwater is best with a buddy!

There’s no theme for this meet-up, just a lot of excited shouts like “WOOOOOOO” and “WELCOME TO THE ISLAND.” Come as you are, and Megg will meet you there!


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CP0103943639Apr 22 @ 1:36 PM
This happend on MY Birthday. Just asking, Don't go too hard on the Membeship, Nobody likes that,
disneyinfinitypro1967Apr 19 @ 9:00 AM
Wish i was there. And guys if you are sad cp closed, just try to Waddle On!
sourvictory109Apr 19 @ 6:48 AM
I'm gonna be hosting a party today this morning!

World: Avalanche

Both free players and members are welcome!
CP5280280675Apr 18 @ 10:09 AM
Why is this new news if it's a couple weeks old such ashame cp island....and y when u are new and u enter u can't even get a welcome other than from of the fake character (it says u get a welcome party here but I never got one)
K3268Apr 17 @ 6:04 PM
This was such a huge success. Don't forget to follow me @CP4246439127.