Get cracking and make a penguin egg!

This egg-cellent activity is egg-sactly the kind of egg-stravaganza we all need to keep feeling egg-stremely egg-ceptional! So don’t be a chicken, and hatch a plan to get a parent to help you with this craft eggs-ercise!

Translation: The team hopes you have fun decorating eggs! We’ve created a “How to” instruction sheet for you. Decorating eggs is no yolk!

Click the image to print off the activity sheet!

Make a Penguin Easter Egg


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Dory706Apr 26 @ 4:30 AM
Megg I couldn't get the tape on. It didn't work! They are still cute though.
Cupcakemeow4May 25 @ 12:37 PM
Okay, so everyone complains about how Club Penguin went downhill with all its "takeovers" and now, you're all wishing for it to be back. Can't miss something until it's gone, am I right?