Hi, penguins,

I’m so excited about the awesome community we’re building. I’ve seen penguins sharing food, helping with Daily Challenges, and giving tours.

Now if only we had some kind of award for these amazing penguins! Hm… maybe some kind of weekly announcement about how awesome they are.

Hahaha, okay, a lot of you know where I’m going with this: PENGUIN OF THE WEEK is back, and you can nominate your friends to receive the award!

Here are the rules for nominations:

  • The penguin is a COMMUNITY CHAMPION
  • The penguin hasn’t broken the island rules
  • The penguin can be ANYONE—free player or subscriber

The Penguin of the Week will receive 5,000 coins plus an EXCLUSIVE emoji pack (that we’ll soon be asking you to vote on)!

To nominate a friend, tell us in the comments why they deserve to be Penguin of the Week!

Waddle On


Disney22843191May 14 @ 8:06 AM
who are the people with the blue hearts? i have a couple of friends that have em but
i am totally confused.

thx, Bobbi and Megg! waddle on!
ArcticFlyerMay 27 @ 2:30 AM
People with blue hearts are friends
elvis ramirezMay 04 @ 5:36 PM
just go
elvis ramirezMay 02 @ 8:50 PM
elvis ramirezMay 02 @ 8:50 PM
just go to the party ya ya ya
elvis ramirezMay 02 @ 8:49 PM
I have a party at 8:50p at sea cave at Zippline so go in will be fun go luck please add me I am elvis ramirez I will see you soon so go there will be food camp and more so go good luck
elvis ramirezMay 02 @ 8:00 PM
IT NOW☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
elvis ramirezMay 02 @ 7:59 PM
I have a party at 8:00pm at sea cave in am elvis so go it will be fun ya! ya! ya! good luck I will see you soon in the party☺☺☺😊😊😊
elvis ramirezMay 02 @ 7:56 PM
I help all the penguin
Acorn168May 02 @ 9:07 AM
I nominate myself! Haha, only joking! I nominate EVERYONE. The whole community!
Happy waddling, my penguin friends!
inf00504669May 02 @ 9:07 AM
I know it sounds cheezy and all but I have played since release and I spent hours learning the game and where things are located around the island. Because I know that people are hating on the game alot, So I give them a tour food drinks and teach them some cool spots. So I nominate myself fr cpotw.
timeaway45May 02 @ 9:03 AM
Ok,say timeaway45!!
Boo tuberMay 02 @ 8:16 AM
I nominate myself I love helping penguins whith quests/challenges and giveing free coins

Man this game is good!
PentzooAgainMay 02 @ 6:34 AM
I would like to nominate danielus33 as he is a great and friendly penguin. He always helps others and gives them advice. I think he deserves to be the penguin of the week.
Chris JackyMay 02 @ 6:18 AM
Bobbi,please make mail for to friend
Acorn168May 02 @ 9:08 AM
Yes, please! Please do, Bobbi!!
Quincie12May 02 @ 4:53 AM
I can't just give one name because of how many people have helped me. Everyone would win if it was up to me
TatskaMay 02 @ 4:41 AM
Cp6790411680 helped me many times!
Kasper07May 02 @ 4:40 AM
I helped many penguins!
Viv28May 02 @ 4:38 AM
I nominate Whishfullll because she is a loving, kind, and amazing.Every day she helps other penguins out with daily challenges or just if they're lost. And she doesn't ignore non-members she friends them. Lastly, she says the kindest things, my favorite is Have peace, give love to others, be happy.
CP3524855623UMay 02 @ 4:28 AM
Gumiebear is pretty and she is sweet. She helps me find my way around the island. She know fun things to do
annikakemangMay 02 @ 12:48 AM
littledancebra...May 02 @ 12:37 AM
Penguins are awesome. I luv CPI as well as the old cp. Do bring back puffles and igloos.
BetaTester2017May 02 @ 12:35 AM
Vote gentileboyz he is an awesome friend! If u are looking for an funny amazing careful friend u should vote him!
timeaway45May 02 @ 9:04 AM
Hate!say a one like cutielulu6