Hi, everyone!

Not sure if you’ve met them all yet (I’m trying to keep up!), but we’ve got SO many newcomers joining our island community every single day! The team was hoping YOU could help out and show some new penguins around the place?

It might be fun to show them your favorite things to do and places to be. Showing around new penguins is something we can ALL do, and it’s always great to help build the community.

If you’re a member, you can even make your own tour guide t-shirt. We’ve got a video to show you how!

See! Nothing like a giant question mark on your shirt to tell people you know what you’re talking about. 🙂 It’s just how things work!

You don’t need the t-shirt to be a tour guide, though—it’s all about the right attitude. Being friendly and helpful is all it takes!

Have you been giving tours around the island? Post your tips & tricks in the comments below!

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Jcw2025May 03 @ 2:12 PM
I would love to help people but I do not have the tank top and the?
I is awesome though I love it and how do I get it
SGSnowygirl1May 02 @ 9:17 AM
LOL, I loved the video it wuz rly funny. Any who... I am gonna make a new T shirt right NOW( If I have enough coins)
CP9590636274May 02 @ 3:53 AM
Thanks for the tips. Although I'm a little annoyed that ALOT of the fun things to do is for members, but I still know that what you're saying about introducing new penguins to the island DOES NOT require a membership.
Amy311May 01 @ 11:13 PM
I would like a tour atoning the island. I think this is a very good thing
CP9099763901May 01 @ 7:22 PM
What's this?????
I can't​even get it what's the point!!
Fireruby1098May 01 @ 3:06 PM
Very cool to be around. She loves to spend her time being completely awesome and a kind penguin always ready to lend you a helping flipper. She is one of the best penguins I have met since the original CP. thanks for everything Disney. W-
On Y'all. Thanks Again Disney.
Fireruby1098May 01 @ 3:04 PM
(Continued) around and all I have seen her do is be nice to penguins and total strangers. One of that total strangers was me. I think would be like one of this penguin friends I had on CP. maybe like frost130 or Frogshadow. I just really love the kindness she spreads throughout the place and she is
Fireruby1098May 01 @ 3:02 PM
I would like to nominate Distinguished. I would like to nominate her because she is so kind to every penguin and encourages them to push harder. She encourages others and helps the community by just being her. Me and her aren't exactly what I would call friends, but I have seen her a few times...
Golden RoseMay 01 @ 11:56 AM
So i can't have 7 days membership trial if i dont renew it??
MadBunny2008May 01 @ 6:55 AM
ADD puffles and non member puffles also non member clothes too if you dont i will be sad
SusieunicornMay 01 @ 4:59 AM
Thanks! I'm new and im finding it hard to get around!