This is THE place to be! Seriously. We’ve even heard that Tubing Life Magazine MIGHT be planning to visit in the near future to rate it! Maybe one day, with luck, we’ll be awarded the VERY prestigious Pick of the Year award!

Everyone can:
Enjoy the GRAND OPENING of Mt. Blizzard with your friends.

Play the SNOWBALL GAME! Because nothing says “let’s be penguin buddies” better than hucking giant snowballs at one another.

JUMP UP the mountain. Don’t kid yourself. Sounds easy. But it’s a TALL mountain.

COLLECT Ice Crystals + Choklidium—the chocolatey island mineral native to Mt. Blizzard. If you think the name “Choklidium” is funny, it’s nothing compared to some of the chocolaty-icious name possibilities that the writers were throwing around here.

Transport yourself all over with THE CHAIR LIFT & CANNONS… because that’s what penguins do.

And, of course, do the DAILY CHALLENGES—2 for everyone each day.

Members can:
RACE! On TUBES! Yes. YES. This is as fun as it sounds. Hit the tube lanes, race for your best times, and collect prizes.

Have fun with INTERACTIVE OBJECTS like Gary’s Multitool, pom-poms, camera, lifeguard kit… really, the sky’s the limit with a giant mountain and a Gary-made multitool…

NEW LEVEL rewards! (16, 17 & 18) With qualifying gameplay, members will get the Extreme Pack, the Urban Style Pack, and the Fantasy Pack! The team can’t wait to see what you create.

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CP6706126171May 27 @ 3:51 PM
the same time
25th anniversary
CP4535822356May 27 @ 1:32 PM
i dont play club penguin reweten because i need flash player
CP2106794231May 26 @ 8:05 AM
bosssss266May 26 @ 3:23 AM
I do not have a penguin island club like I broke my tablet
ToontownCp1May 25 @ 4:40 PM
When will you guys just make clothes for non members?
Elly599May 25 @ 4:24 PM
Ooooo I'm gonna love this but does anyone know when the update comes out I heard the end of may but I'm not sure
Ssega2May 25 @ 4:13 PM
I'm so proud of Disney, this new update is amazing, keep up the good work
Treskid3May 25 @ 1:54 PM
Hey does anyone know what the "snowball game" is? How do you play? How do you win?
CoolBoy665May 25 @ 11:52 AM
I am a member on this game and I love Mt. Blizzard. I know that there is not a lot for non-members to do on this game. Even though I am a member I do agree that non-members should have more options on the game. Who agrees? Oh, search my name and friend me also!