Hi, penguins!

It’s FREE COMIC DAY! To celebrate, Amanda (one of our penguin artists) made her own comic.

We LOVE comics! The team wanted to share a few tips about how to make your very own.

  1. What’s your idea? Figure out the story you want to tell.
  2. Who are your characters? (If you need ideas for how to develop characters, just wait for the upcoming Dev Diaries!)
  3. How are you going to show your story in comic layout? Sketch it out in a really rough way! (Don’t forget to draw the speech bubbles.)
  4. Draw your comic! Make sure to use light lines so you can edit and revise.
  5. When you’re happy with the look, ink, and color it!
  6. Of course, if you want, share it with your friends and family.

Leave your comic-making tips in the comments!

Waddle On


CP8441154238Nov 15 @ 6:14 AM
hola una pregunta cuando abrira de nuevamente club penguin
AwesomepoppyOct 20 @ 4:10 PM
Well I meant to say like coulda in the sky
AwesomepoppyOct 20 @ 7:50 AM
Coloringbook/mathbook nope there's no comic lol
AwesomepoppyOct 19 @ 3:57 PM
Also the comic book is optional
AwesomepoppyOct 19 @ 3:54 PM
Post what you think about my tips
AwesomepoppyOct 19 @ 3:52 PM
HEB: gumball machine toys coloring books everything! Awesome choice! Walgreens not a real big toy selection but it work cvs: like
Walgreens but I like it target: I don't like this store but it has a HUGE toy selection toysrus: again HUGE toy selection
AwesomepoppyOct 19 @ 3:42 PM
Also use a comic book for inspiration and if you don't have one go to one of your local stores also looking for characters? Find them in stores too! Here are some stores for characters five below: this is a good store cuz they have lots of toys Walmart : very good store to look into
AwesomepoppyOct 19 @ 3:34 PM
Also in number too for designs I was talking about characters
AwesomepoppyOct 19 @ 3:29 PM
I recommend cardstock but the thin paper works too
AwesomepoppyOct 19 @ 3:27 PM
Also use paper for this the thin one but if you worried it will get smushed or bent cardstock will work too
AwesomepoppyOct 19 @ 3:22 PM
Ok sorry anyways 5: make sure you have black lines seportating the pictures and 6: the reason I'm doing 6 is cuz I'm just gonna remind you do this on a flat surface and your done! Share it with friends and family
AwesomepoppyOct 19 @ 3:17 PM
1: grab colors any brand any color I would do crayons or markers 2: once your happy with your color don't use them sketch out your design 3: once your happy with that make some details like the background 4: color in your background and caricatures wait a second