Hi penguin pals,

I was thinking—the penguin community might just be the best part of the island! Everyone is kind, generous, and has AMAZING form when blasting from a cannon. (Just your everyday penguin skills, amirite?)

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of you but there are so many I’ve yet to share a pizza with. And I’m not the only one here who wants to visit with our community (especially since I mentioned pizza). So here’s my idea:


Who’s Visiting: McBeaks, Amykim, and I will be visiting the island! Other team members might surprise us with a visit too!
When: Friday, July 7 at 3 pm PST
Server: Hockey
Starting Zone: Coconut Cove

For this meet-up, some of us will be dressing in the trendiest clothing from this week’s Fashion Challenges! From there we’ll listen to some jams at the stage, break out some games of Marble Hunt, and journey to Mount Blizzard to watch the tube racers go by—it’s the perfect afternoon. Oh, and I’ll be sure to bring lots of party blaster!

See you soon!

Waddle On


MeridadisneyOct 06 @ 10:04 AM
feeling silly so just leaving this post here...
inf, pinksherbert, if you ever read this i just want you to know that you are truly beautiful. never give up on your dreams and never lose hope. and know that i will always be right here for you! REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE and remain awesome!
Kienzie1Jul 25 @ 8:04 PM
Hey how are you
Soboba rez n8i...Jul 18 @ 6:28 PM
I have tons of coins so I can buy a ton of part blasters next time lol
BabyGirlZoeSJul 18 @ 11:04 AM
I can't believe I missed mod meet up its a great Holliday I wish it was every day put up what you think about the mod meet up below
Frost1234Jul 16 @ 6:25 PM
I missed it, too.