Hi, penguins pals, and welcome to class!

Today we’ll be learning how to speak Crab. Thanks to Rookie’s lesson during chapter 2 of Aunt Arctic adventures, we know that crabs speak through emojis. Want to learn more? Let’s begin!

Lesson 1: Saying Hello

Jump once to say hello in crab. Seriously! Crabs might seem, well, crabby, but they can be bubbly when saying hi.

Lesson 2: Emojis

Just like us, crabs express themselves with emojis. Crabs will understand that you’re happy if you use a smiley.

Lesson 3: Yes and No

Crabs need only one click to say yes and no. They use these emojis:

Lesson 4: Sentences

Here’s where it gets really interesting! Crabs can say a lot using just emojis.

When a crab is questioning something, they’ll use this emoji:

When asking for something they’ll use:

So a crab asking for a pizza would say:


Got all that? Awesome! Now let’s see some examples of speaking Crab.



Are you a friend?



Yes, I am a friend.


May I have some stinky cheese?



Is that a fluffy wearing neon sunglasses?




You’ve now learned the basics of the Crab language. Congratulations!

Here’s a certificate for your hard work.

Class dismissed!

Waddle On


AwesomepoppyJan 12 @ 6:31 PM
Umm nevermind you forgot about this post and me goodbye
AwesomepoppyDec 26 @ 12:53 PM
Merry late Christmas everybody! I hope you enjoyed it
AwesomepoppyDec 07 @ 3:10 PM
And I’m good
AwesomepoppyDec 07 @ 3:10 PM
We all haven’t pinksherbert you can stop feeling like nobody cares about you
PinksherbertDec 05 @ 4:21 PM
Hey guys! How’s everyone been? Sorry I haven’t been on in so long.... it’s just a really busy time of the year for me.
AwesomepoppyNov 26 @ 2:44 PM
Hey guys I’m bored BLAH hey pinkserbert do you like cookies🍪 inf did you know lizards are everywhere except anarctica
inf47038364Nov 27 @ 7:49 PM
XD Haha, yeah, I've heard that. :p And who DOESN'T like cookies?
PinksherbertDec 05 @ 4:15 PM
Hello! Lol I do like cookies!! My fav type is chocolate chip but snickerdoodle is super good too 😋
PinksherbertNov 25 @ 7:40 AM
Merida, have you seen the trailers for the last jedi??? It’s very interesting!
Tell me what you think. I’m not so sure Rey is a Skywalker anymore. Evidence points otherwise.... I can’t wait to see it!
MeridadisneyNov 25 @ 10:26 AM
and i have absolutely no idea what to make of all of it...i mean there are just so many things that can happen.
well all i can say for now is-
PinksherbertNov 26 @ 3:17 PM
I have watched so many videos on theor
PinksherbertNov 26 @ 3:19 PM
Theories* and I have no clue what to think. There’s so many possibilities.
XD The Porgs are adorable!!!!
AwesomepoppyNov 24 @ 7:05 PM
My family isn’t going to see coco
MeridadisneyNov 25 @ 10:28 AM
awh! well you will be able to see it some time later surely!
and i think it is definitely a movie the whole family should watch together!
AwesomepoppyNov 27 @ 3:38 PM
No I mean my family dosn’t Think it’s apropeiote
inf47038364Nov 27 @ 7:51 PM
Ohhhhh. Yeah, that's what I thought. Well, every family is different! We won't judge you for it. :)

I will say, though, that you should ask your parents if you can watch it on Vidangel. They let your parents block out the stuff you think is inappropriate. ;3
MeridadisneyNov 28 @ 2:06 AM
oh well...i agree with what inf says...
but if it matters at all, i can guarantee that it is a beautiful family movie, nothing inappropriate in it.
you can take my word on that!
AwesomepoppyDec 07 @ 3:12 PM
One thing I don’t know what vidangel is
inf47038364Nov 25 @ 12:10 PM
Neither is mine, we're going to wait for it to come out on Blu-Ray. :p
MeridadisneyNov 23 @ 11:34 PM
anyone seen coco yet? i REALLY want to but just cannot find the time.
but i know i will have to see it somehow because its a movie i cannot miss
inf47038364Nov 24 @ 11:45 AM
Not me. We don't watch stuff in theaters. But I bet Pink'll be seeing it soon!
PinksherbertNov 25 @ 7:09 AM
lol you’re right inf. I’m going to see it sometime next week I think!
inf47038364Nov 25 @ 12:10 PM
XD We know each other so well!!
MeridadisneyNov 27 @ 8:59 AM
inf47038364Nov 27 @ 7:51 PM
o_o No spoilers! (only hints allowed ;3)
MeridadisneyNov 28 @ 2:09 AM
XD sure! no spoilers!
well i am gonna say it again, BEAUTIFUL is the word for the movie.And the soundtrack is absolutely amazing.
and the ending had me in tears...OH I LOVE DISNEY AND PIXAR
PinksherbertDec 05 @ 4:18 PM
OH MY I want to see it sooo bad!! I ended up not being able to go see it :(
I guess Ill have to wait till it comes out on DVD😭
MeridadisneyNov 23 @ 11:25 PM
i am thankful for the two of you!!
PinksherbertNov 25 @ 7:15 AM
This is late but...... Happy Thanksgiving!
I’m thankful for our friendship ;)
inf47038364Nov 25 @ 12:11 PM
Ditto! =3
MeridadisneyNov 23 @ 11:24 PM
but anyways...here i am!
so good to be back! hope you two can find it in your hearts to forgive me
i really missed you guys ALOT
PinksherbertNov 25 @ 7:14 AM
Oh my gosh, I’ve missed you so much! I’m so glad you’re back 😊
(There’s no need to forgive you, you didn’t do anything wrong!)
MeridadisneyNov 23 @ 11:23 PM
*does dobby impression*
i am so awfully sorry for having gone away so long...its just that...there is SO much work to do and barely any holidays! plus i have these really important exams coming up and I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO
inf47038364Nov 24 @ 11:46 AM
XD XD XD Dude, it's cool! ;) We're not mad or anything!
MeridadisneyNov 24 @ 1:20 PM
inf47038364Nov 24 @ 6:58 PM
Honestly, we'd NEVER be mad at you for being busy! XP
PinksherbertNov 25 @ 7:11 AM
Merida, it’s okay, really! I totally get it! I have been so so busy too. I have exams coming up too and I’m SO STRESSED.
MeridadisneyNov 25 @ 10:29 AM
glad to know we are on the same page XD
inf47038364Nov 25 @ 12:11 PM
X3 For what it's worth, I've been swamped with school a lot lately, too. :p
PinksherbertDec 05 @ 4:19 PM
Yeah..... I think it’s cuz it’s almost Christmas break. All my teachers are trying to cram stuff in last minute and everyone’s just so busy :(
PinksherbertNov 23 @ 7:11 AM
Happy Thanksgiving guys!!!
inf47038364Nov 23 @ 1:50 PM
HAPPY THANKSGIVING PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D =D =D *giant anime huggles*
AwesomepoppyNov 21 @ 2:37 PM
Also in aguest I went to a swamp there was a gift shop and alagaters
AwesomepoppyNov 21 @ 2:22 PM
PinksherbertNov 10 @ 4:22 AM
I’m back guys. I’m really sorry I haven’t been on in so long. I posted about it on the Frankys Pizza reviews post. I’ve missed being on so much and talking to you! But the good news is that the week after next, I’m on Thanksgiving break for the WHOLE WEEK so I’ll be on a ton!!! It’ll be like summer!
inf47038364Nov 10 @ 2:00 PM
=D OMG, that's GREAT!!!! *giant hug*

Also, I missed you like crazy. ;-;
PinksherbertNov 19 @ 12:20 PM
And now it’s Thanksgiving break!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy to be back, I’ve missed you guys so much! I feel like it’s been forever!!!! =D
inf47038364Nov 19 @ 7:30 PM
Dude, it WAS forever. I was considering leaving the blog because I thought you left for good! :(
PinksherbertNov 21 @ 1:04 PM
I know, I know. I’m so sorry. I have just been swamped with tests and stuff that teachers are trying to get in before the break. I’ve missed you so much!!!
Just remember- if im gone for a long time, I’m never actually gone for good. I wouldn’t do that to you. I’ll come back eventually.
inf47038364Nov 22 @ 9:20 AM
I would give you one of my infamous sarcastic "if you say so"s, but you're my awesome BFF and I have t' trust you. ;p
PinksherbertNov 23 @ 7:10 AM
XD okay thanks ;p
inf47038364Nov 23 @ 1:51 PM
;p You're quite welcome, old bean.
inf47038364Nov 08 @ 7:15 PM
Dear Awesomepoppy,

I just wanted to say how sorry I am. I've been a jerk to you. :( And I don't like the idea of me hurting you... so... can we maybe start over? You seem like a really nice person.
AwesomepoppyNov 10 @ 7:53 AM
Inf I’m really sorry I have just been feeling left out on the blog :( nobody seems to talk to me on here anymore
inf47038364Nov 10 @ 2:02 PM
No, don't be sorry! I'm the one who was being a jerk, you were just trying to be included. I'm sorry. :( I'd love to include you in our circle of friends, if you're alright with it. (and if Pink and Merida don't mind, but I doubt they would ;p)
AwesomepoppyNov 10 @ 9:33 PM
Yes I would it’s just that i trued to tell you something’s but you were ignoring me so can you plz listen
inf47038364Nov 11 @ 9:36 AM
You were? D= I'm sorry, I must have not noticed! :( Yes, of course, I'm listening. :3
AwesomepoppyNov 24 @ 7:11 PM
Inf I’m kinda feeling a little bit left out since you and pink and Merida have been happy and talking lately I was feeling like it nobody was even thankful I was here I am so mean only my family said they were thankful for me 😩
MeridadisneyNov 25 @ 2:01 AM
oh no awesomepoppy dont feel like that!
inf has been talking to you but i had not been on for some time so i dont know you at all as of now, but would love to!
i am sure the three of us are very thankful for you!
inf47038364Nov 25 @ 12:13 PM
Aww... 3: I'm so sorry! You're right, I haven't been fair. :( It's just that we're such new friends, so I'm trying to get to know you better, y'know, baby steps. I'm sorry I haven't been talking to you the same way... ;-;
AwesomepoppyNov 10 @ 9:39 PM
But other than that I have no problem also inf you are not a jerk you are sweet and nice don’t be too hard on yourself
inf47038364Nov 11 @ 9:36 AM
X3 Well, I WAS being a jerk. :p
AwesomepoppyNov 12 @ 11:51 AM
No inf you are really nice I’m the one who should be sorry i was being mean to you
inf47038364Nov 14 @ 2:33 PM
XP No, you really weren't. If anything, you had the right to be upset. :/
AwesomepoppyNov 21 @ 2:19 PM
sorry guys I wasn’t on for three hours
inf47038364Nov 22 @ 9:20 AM
Well, we don't expect you to be on every hour of the day... o_o
AwesomepoppyNov 22 @ 6:11 PM
Inf do you care about what I say
AwesomepoppyNov 22 @ 6:15 PM
Anyways bye I’m leaving the blog well not entirely I’ll still post but bye (if you even care)
inf47038364Nov 23 @ 1:51 PM
WUT?!?!? Of COURSE I care!!! D= Please stay!!!
PinksherbertOct 29 @ 6:55 AM
inf47038364Oct 29 @ 9:54 AM
AwesomepoppyOct 21 @ 11:35 AM
Ps: I also forgot there penguin name
AwesomepoppyOct 21 @ 11:34 AM
I'm so worried someone even called me a weirdo
AwesomepoppyOct 21 @ 11:33 AM
Also guys umm so today I had a problem where there was this penguin and I told them that o had a puffle and they were like where?!?! Then I was like just kidding got ya! Then they said I'm going to tell the support team and tell them to ban you help!
inf47038364Oct 21 @ 1:14 PM
Well, that was kind of rude. That probably isn't what you wanted to hear... but someone did something like that to me once, and it was really annoying and hurtful. It's upsetting when you put trust in someone who seems to have good intentions, and then they make you feel like a sucker. Nobody likes
inf47038364Oct 21 @ 1:15 PM
feeling like they've been pulled for a sap, including you. There's nothing you can do to stop this person from reporting you, especially if you've already forgotten what their name is.
AwesomepoppyOct 21 @ 5:46 PM
Thanks that's really good advice
inf47038364Oct 23 @ 8:55 AM
X3 It is? *I* was worried it would come off as rude or insensitive... ah, well! Yay for you! ;p
AwesomepoppyNov 22 @ 6:13 PM
Wait acshullaly i take that back that nevermind that made me feel hornbill
inf47038364Nov 23 @ 1:52 PM
o_o :( Sorry... I was just trying to help...
AwesomepoppyNov 24 @ 7:14 PM
It’s fine but you made me feel like I wasn’t imporent
inf47038364Nov 25 @ 12:14 PM
Aww, really? :( I'm sorry, I thought I was saying the exact opposite. :(

Forgive moi?
AwesomepoppyDec 10 @ 6:54 PM
Yes I do but y’know let’s pretend this whole I’m sorry to each other thing NEVER happend
AwesomepoppyOct 21 @ 5:53 PM
I was so worried
AwesomepoppyOct 21 @ 11:04 AM
Can you also use the crab emoji that's unlocked at level 4 or something
inf47038364Nov 25 @ 12:15 PM
I think you unlock it in an Aunt Arctic mission of some sort, but I'm not sure. I don't play the app, so I'm just relaying what I remember hearing...
AwesomepoppyNov 27 @ 3:40 PM
Why do not play the game and just be a blogger
inf47038364Oct 18 @ 6:57 PM
(...plus, I keep making deals with my brother... like, if he helps me pay for a $50, 3D-printed figurine of said Skylander I made with the Creation Crystal, I'll help him pay for some game he wants... :|)
inf47038364Oct 18 @ 6:53 PM
people to help me buy stuff I don't need feels like the ONLY way I can do things anymore! D'= I really need you guys' help... ;-;)
PinksherbertOct 19 @ 5:50 PM
Hmm okay. I shall try to help!
Maybe, just maybe idk, you could get a box or a wallet or something to put your money in. Then put it in a place where you can’t get to it easily, or even give it to your mom and say “Do NOT let me use this money until I have enough for the animation thing”
PinksherbertOct 19 @ 5:51 PM
Like, get someone to hold you accountable, to remind you why you’re saving up. A sibling or a parent maybe?
inf47038364Oct 20 @ 2:54 PM
That could work, but I don't use cash. I don't have a credit card, either; my parents always give me an imaginary $7 each week, and then they pay for whatever I decide to splurge on. X3
AwesomepoppyNov 10 @ 9:47 PM
Hmm you can make a box that says anamation and put your money in there
AwesomepoppyNov 10 @ 9:48 PM
You could also ask a parent to help you not spend your money
MeridadisneyOct 21 @ 12:09 PM
thats a good idea pink!
hmm...maybe you could mark a box with"THIS IS FOR THE ANIMATION COURSE" and every time you want to spend the money on something, put that money in that box!
inf47038364Oct 21 @ 1:15 PM
Another good idea! =D But, like I said, I don't use cash. XP
PinksherbertOct 26 @ 6:50 PM
Hrmmm.... then idk. Maybe you could still ask someone to hold you accountable.... like tell your mom or dad or siblings “Talk me out of buying this no matter what I say” XD
inf47038364Oct 27 @ 9:13 AM
XD That could work, yeah!
PinksherbertOct 29 @ 6:56 AM
‘Kay :) hope I helped!
inf47038364Oct 29 @ 9:55 AM
You totally did! ;D
PinksherbertOct 29 @ 11:22 AM
Yay ;D
inf47038364Oct 29 @ 4:02 PM
inf47038364Oct 29 @ 4:02 PM
...*cricket chirps* Well, I don't want this thread t' die, so... I'm starting a band!
PinksherbertOct 31 @ 6:34 PM
Really? Tell me more! What instrument will you play?
inf47038364Nov 01 @ 7:19 PM
The nonexistent one... X3
PinksherbertNov 05 @ 5:31 PM
Haha. Are you going to sing then?
inf47038364Nov 07 @ 2:47 PM
Nope! XD I'm not songwriting or managing, either. ;p
inf47038364Nov 07 @ 2:48 PM
(...which is good, because I'm TERRIBLE at singing. XD And all theatrics, TBH... o_o)
PinksherbertNov 10 @ 4:23 AM
Okay I’m out of guesses. Tell me!
inf47038364Nov 10 @ 2:04 PM
XD I'm animating it! The band will be a group of voice actors playing the rest of the "band's" Ninjago OCs: Lily, Umbra, Wendy, Annaisha, and Yuki (those last two are mine, obvi)--otherwise known as the "GlitterSmiths". ;) (my lovably quirky friend, owner of Wendy, came up with the name. X3 We
inf47038364Nov 10 @ 2:06 PM
all voted...

...no one knows about this but you, probably Merida, Storcko, and the owner of Wendy, though. I can't wait to surprise the rest of the group! :3 (along with everyone else on the social media because no one's ever uploaded their own animated music video before XD :3)
PinksherbertNov 19 @ 12:23 PM
Oh wow that’s so awesome!!!
And that’s really cool that you can animate stuff!!!! So cool.
Also I love the name GlitterSmiths ;)
inf47038364Nov 19 @ 7:30 PM
XD Me, too! ;p

Well, I can't just YET. XP Still have to buy the course, remember?
PinksherbertNov 21 @ 1:06 PM
Oh yeah.
Have you been able to save your money instead of spending it?
inf47038364Nov 22 @ 9:21 AM
Uhhhhh... o_o
inf47038364Nov 22 @ 9:22 AM
PinksherbertNov 23 @ 7:15 AM
Sorry did that sound weird? I meant, you know, you were saving up for the animation course and we talked about how to like save your money and stuff.... I was just wondering if my suggestion helped, since we were talking about the animation......
inf47038364Nov 23 @ 1:53 PM
X3 Yeah, it would if I didn't keep forgetting. :p
inf47038364Oct 18 @ 6:52 PM
much less important things... like how I just pooled my money with my brother* to buy a Skylanders Imaginators Legendary Light Creation Crystal... X3 The point is, do you have any tips on how to avoid impulsively spending money? I could really use it... 3:

(*also a problem... now, relying on other