Hi penguin pals!

HermioneXO was nominated to be Penguin of the Week by Peridot4!

Here is the nomination:

I would like to nominate on of the sweetest penguins EVER… HermioneXO! She is truly an amazing penguin and someone that’ll stick by your side through thick and thin. She is a true pal of mine and so many others! She will help you if you’re sad, mad, or even happy! She truly deserves POTW!

Congrats, HermioneXO!

Want to nominate a friend for Penguin of the Week? Leave a comment telling us why! Each Penguin of the Week receives 5,000 coins and a POTW emoji pack!

Waddle On


KeyratbkupApr 02 @ 3:16 PM
I love “panks” (pancakes) wait... was that too random? Xd
KeyratbkupApr 02 @ 3:15 PM
I rlly think that you should have a recycling bin! It makes the world happy!
KeyratbkupApr 02 @ 3:13 PM
Ik this has nothing to do with nada (nothing) but, did you know that there is more pieces of plastic in the ocean then stars in the universe? That is horrible! People think that when they are throwing “away” the plastic, it goes away. Well, it doesn’t! It ends up in the ocean! 😩
KeyratbkupApr 02 @ 3:10 PM
Yay HermioneXO! U R awesome!
KeyratbkupApr 02 @ 2:54 PM
Dear CPI,
Topazwaters is an amazing player! If I was judge of who picks POTW, then I would pick her! Why? She makes me smile, and she makes awesome music videos about CPI. She has beautiful clothes, and she is there when you need her! That is why she should be POTW!
I hope you see this!
CP3361108690Nov 09 @ 1:16 PM
what the skystrike a bunch of generic people getting featured.
HermioneXONov 22 @ 8:06 AM
That is very rude to say. Please don't say something like that again. Waffle on!
Pumkin pie1Dec 17 @ 6:24 AM
That is true Hermione
awesomerazinOct 22 @ 11:21 AM
Ok I be your bff
Judymoody3Oct 18 @ 4:24 PM
I have never been nominated and would love to! Please nominate me kind penguins! Please friend me also! Thanks, Judy
HermioneXOOct 17 @ 6:33 PM
Thanks everyone, that was such an amazing week! Waddle on!
Kate1165Oct 17 @ 2:30 PM
Hi I would like to nominate Tessa511 because of her kindness and inspiration she gives everyone! She helps everyone and is so loving that sometimes I wonder, is she already a angel? Anyway yeah Thanks and WADDLE ON!!!!
Meggie BooOct 17 @ 1:34 PM
Can I nominate the whole island!?!
RosiepooOct 17 @ 1:31 PM
I would like to nominate limde because we play together all the time she is so nice and we are great friends so she really deserves this WADDLE ON!!!!!!
RyanthebossOct 17 @ 1:12 PM
I would like to nominate my bff ryanboi for potw he’so always been there for me through the hard times and I always know he would. Hes funny and always try his best to help and make people feel better he totally deserves this award. Thank u as always waddle on!😁