Hi penguin pals,

We’ve noticed some of you have been scheduling events in the comments like parties, band practices, reading groups, and more. It is so awesome to see members of the community creating groups that are open to everyone!

We wanted to help, so we’ll be creating a weekly article each Sunday where you can post all your upcoming events. It’s called Community Connect and we can start today!

You’re still welcome to add your event to any blog posts’ comments, of course, but Community Connect can be a one-stop page to see everything happening!

If you need help creating a party, here’s a template you can use:

Event: (The name of your event)
When: (The time of the event)
Where: (The server you’ll be meeting on)
Details: (Any extra information you want to include)

Remember, players might be in a different time zone than you. You can check the clock on Crate Co. to see what time it is in PST (Penguin Standard Time).

Waddle On


Pumkin pie1Nov 21 @ 3:20 PM
Hey Penguins I’m hosting a Party at Mt Blizzard at the Camp Fire November 22 8:45 am !You do not have to be a member so everyone’s invited !
We will be in Mt Blizzard a while and then we will go to Frankys!Hey and People who know me Will you pass this on to other penguins and the server is Cozy!
Evie135Nov 19 @ 10:22 AM
Hello all Penguins I am going to host a party today at 12:15 am at the party sub we will have a fashion show and we will go tubing at Mountain blizzard in many more please be there
Pumkin pie1Nov 22 @ 5:28 AM
But I’m not a member
CP0005813012Nov 19 @ 9:09 AM
It took me forever to pick my name. I want to punch a wall, Can they have it so there is a option for the game to give us names and then we pick from that list?!?Who agrees with me??
Lulou2Nov 19 @ 12:39 AM
Hey penguins,
Having a party today in island central at Franky's at 12:45 am
AwesomepoppyNov 18 @ 9:12 PM
Wait nevermind the party is canceled I’m tired we’ll kinda because it’s night where i am and on Cristmas eve I will be so caught up in the 1.8 update and Cristmas I will forget about it I will probably also just wanna play with my games and toys do nevermind
CP9378539013Nov 18 @ 7:12 PM
I can't believe you could do that
Andrew2017Nov 18 @ 6:08 PM
Almost forgot it's PST timing 00:00 on that Sunday
Andrew2017Nov 18 @ 6:06 PM
Event: Save money for the future club
When: All the time except for Sundays
Where: Everywhere except for Franky's
Details: Collect objects, exchange them for money and buy some party blasters! After that, you can go to Franky's on Sundays at midnight every week to throw the party blasters.
Pumkin pie1Nov 21 @ 3:22 PM
I’m not a member so I can’t buy party 🎉 Blasters Sorry 😐
RNR0121Nov 18 @ 4:50 PM
Great idea guys, y'all are amazing!
Hayden0610Nov 18 @ 2:13 PM
Party right now it's called celebrate for igloos if you can't wait for igloos to come come to my party it's at beacon bord walk nonmembers and members come members make it fun use ur gears and share ur party items hop u have fun
PenguinSternNov 18 @ 2:05 PM
I sure would love if I could get to fish again 🐧
Falcon822Nov 18 @ 12:52 PM
My mom and dad got a divorce
Hayden0610Nov 18 @ 11:34 AM
Nvm party canceled I'm tire I wanna play with my toys so don't be sad I'll post another one so bye
Hayden0610Nov 18 @ 11:32 AM
I'm haveing a party today the same server u are on and its will start 8:00 of its past that then 10:00 events name is celebrate that igloos are coming soon everyone that cannot wait for igloos to come are invited if u cannot wait don't go if member share some party supplies and have fun with gear!
AwesomepoppyNov 18 @ 11:30 AM
Cristmas party on Cristmas eve 4pm pst gather around at a booth at frankys tours are aloud we are gonna use party supplies members can have fun useing the party supplies nonmembers can wear their pumpkin shirts and do the team dance battle! So can members plz come ANYONE is aloud to come
PinkRose3883Nov 18 @ 8:35 AM
Gathering around a giant Christmas tree on beacon boardwalk on Christmas Eve
All day until 12:00am at night
Sing until we see Santa Claws flying and giving us presents!
PinkRose3883Nov 18 @ 8:31 AM
I wonder if we can add a choir to club penguin during the Christmas update
Gratle XNov 19 @ 4:48 AM
I would love to be in the choir!
chocolate444Nov 18 @ 5:49 AM
PrensesiremNov 18 @ 3:28 AM
Fun game
Cupkake15Nov 18 @ 12:08 AM
There will also be fun and games
Cupkake15Nov 18 @ 12:07 AM
Party with nonmembers only and me only as member.There will be lots of different food and drinks and then we will have fire works and party blasters and piñatas.We will the do a play at frankys and tell them stories at coconut cove.It is at 12:00PST and in the server zipline.
Fluffy9011Nov 18 @ 12:21 AM
Why not us
Crazychef20Nov 18 @ 7:29 AM
What day?
Reyan15Nov 18 @ 8:46 AM
Thanks I’ll be there!
Hayden0610Nov 18 @ 11:36 AM
Why not member fine ur not invited to my party it's for members and nonmebers
Cupcake419Nov 17 @ 1:02 PM
Island explorer club
Saturday 6pm Sunday session 1 at 1:30pm session 2at6:15pm
It is at the roof of franky’s and we will be leaving 5 minutes later to go around the island.
Hosted on every weekend.for more information ask cupcake419.
PlaycookieNov 17 @ 12:39 PM
Can I join in the contest????
Soocerstar13Nov 16 @ 9:48 PM