Hi penguin pals,

We’ve noticed some of you have been scheduling events in the comments like parties, band practices, reading groups, and more. It is so awesome to see members of the community creating groups that are open to everyone!

We wanted to help, so we’ll be creating a weekly article each Sunday where you can post all your upcoming events. It’s called Community Connect and we can start today!

You’re still welcome to add your event to any blog posts’ comments, of course, but Community Connect can be a one-stop page to see everything happening!
If you need help creating a party, here’s a template you can use:

Event: (The name of your event)
When: (The time of the event)
Where: (The server you’ll be meeting on)
Details: (Any extra information you want to include)

Remember, players might be in a different time zone than you. You can check the clock on Crate Co. to see what time it is in PST (Penguin Standard Time).

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I loved it