Hi penguin pals,

We’ve noticed some of you have been scheduling events in the comments like parties, band practices, reading groups, and more. It is so awesome to see members of the community creating groups that are open to everyone!

We wanted to help, so we’ll be creating a weekly article each Sunday where you can post all your upcoming events.

If you need help creating a party, here’s a template you can use:

Event: (The name of your event)
When: (The time of the event)
Where: (The server you’ll be meeting on)
Details: (Any information, like a theme, that you want to include)

Remember, players might be in a different time zone than you. You can check the time on your CPI Phone to see what time it is in PST (Penguin Standard Time).

Waddle On


Pirate girlNov 22 @ 10:10 AM
Boys and girls of every age if you like llamas like me you gotta join are club will talk about llamas and how much we like them and host crazy llama parties and more and if you like llamas you’re in sinsery pirate girl
Fluff eliseNov 16 @ 12:38 AM
Super sorry if I couldn't make it last time! I had something and I couldn't do auditions but here is the app event anyways!
Event : band auditions
When : hopefully 9:45 PST
Where : arctic and Antarctic, all around the island so practice if I'm not there
Details: party for everyone and more!!!!
riansonicfanNov 13 @ 11:18 AM
Event: (The Sonic tv)
When: (today at 1:00 PST
Where: (Island Central)
Gotta go fast
Waddle On!
Chloelee3Nov 12 @ 2:43 PM
Band party:
When: tomorrow at 4:00 PST
Where: coconut cove
See you tomorrow!
Orli0564Nov 13 @ 3:41 PM
Where is going to ve the party? (Server)
Orli0564Nov 13 @ 3:48 PM
Where is going to be the party? (Server)
yokainateNov 12 @ 12:42 PM
Event: Campout
When: Today at 2:00
Where: Apline at campsite
Details: Camping
SoccerStar2017Nov 12 @ 1:44 PM
I will be there
Chloelee3Nov 12 @ 8:02 AM
Nickelodeon party:
When: Today at 3:00 PST
Where: Island central
Games: marble hunt and band practice
See you there!
Kittyp157Nov 12 @ 11:00 AM
Chloelee3Nov 12 @ 2:17 PM
Adriana 18Nov 12 @ 7:44 AM
I am looking to have a party but I can't cause no one comes