Hi penguin pals!

MissDelirious was nominated to be Penguin of the Week by Fiffy7108!

Here is the nomination:

I would like to nominate a friend that always be there with me MissDelirious! She loves to share party supplies for everyone, and she is a friend that makes my day brighter! She is friendly to members and non members. She really deserves to be the next POTW, Waddle on!

Congrats, MissDelirious!

Want to nominate a friend for Penguin of the Week? Leave a comment telling us why! Each Penguin of the Week receives 5,000 coins and a POTW emoji pack!

Waddle On


ANNY5558Jan 09 @ 4:48 AM
Eu nomeio Lalara490 ela sempre
Littlegamer345Jan 08 @ 6:26 PM
Guys. I’m not exactly ASKING for POTW. But i don’t feel like people WANT me to be it anymore. I used to see tons of nominations with me on it, but now it feels like POTW isn’t important to anyone anymore. And I’m not trying to be greedy or selfish, I’m just saying, no one seems to care anymore.😕
Ice queen111Jan 06 @ 4:02 PM
How do you win penguin of the week?
KittyBitty2988Jan 06 @ 4:38 AM
I will like to nominate ShadowMineGirl for POTW I love her and she is so so nice! She has comforted me since the day I met her.
Sister SallyJan 05 @ 2:09 PM
Super cuuuuuuttttttttteeeeee
ShadowminegirlJan 05 @ 12:11 PM
I will like to nominate KittyBitty29 for POTW she is so nice and she makes me feel better And if we fight or something she will be my best friend and I will love her forever
CP8495792778Jan 05 @ 7:17 AM
i would like to be the penguin of the week beacuse im a new member and i want to do a good start :) so i thought that is the best way to be popular and find some good friends :)
CP7975144554Jan 03 @ 7:57 AM
I can not wait on till the next update
CrunckleJan 02 @ 9:02 PM
Congrats to MissDelirious on her POTW! I know I'm a bit late for this but I just noticed today. My sister saw her today, although she didn't talk to her. Anyways, congratulations MissDelirious!
AngiesalmonJan 04 @ 10:33 PM
Ferris1Jan 02 @ 11:37 AM
I nominate Beachgirl1426 because she always cheers me up when I’m sad or jealous,
I wear a wolf costume and when I wear that she calls me her puppy and I like that!
And I am her little brother
P.S I have just her for siblings
Beachgirl1426Jan 02 @ 11:43 AM
And I nominate my best friend and my little brother Ferris1. He wears a cute little wolf costume and I call him my puppy! We do everything together on CPI and off. I hope that you get to know him and ask for him to be your friend because he is the nicest person (penguin) I know. Please nominate Him!
CP7975144554Jan 03 @ 7:59 AM
That was the sad thing I ever heard
Dj GrumpyJan 02 @ 1:51 PM
Awww, adorable!
Bookwormkw2Jan 02 @ 10:59 AM
I nominate Shimmerglow22 my best friend
Happykirby124Jan 02 @ 10:48 AM
Sophie Pengy really deserves to be POTW. She is friendly to everyone and loves making others laugh. She helps penguins whenever she can, and is always there for me and her many other friends. She always has a smile on her face. Please choose Sophie Pengy for POTW, I think she really deserves it!
Komabird11Jan 02 @ 10:43 AM
I would like to nominate my friend Vault1234 She is Kind has great ideas and is funny
HermioneXOJan 02 @ 10:37 AM
Hey penguin pals! I would like to nominate one of my best friends, Ryanboi! He is so kind, caring and has a great sense of humor. He is always there for you when you are feeling down and he has a great sense in games. This would mean SOOOOO much to both me and him. Thx, and WADDLE ON!
rosegarden44Jan 02 @ 10:35 AM
I would like to nominate my best, most awesome, and amazing friend, LolaWk9! She is the best penguin I know! She is nice, funny, generous, kind, and makes me feel special. She invited me to her igloo when lots of other penguins were there and I didn’t have a seat so she told me “Take my seat.”
Ferris1Jan 02 @ 11:48 AM
Nuh-uh rosegarden you wear a dog costume.
you tried to steal my place as beachgirl1426’s dog
You kept following beachgirl1426 around the boardwalk
Btw you are NOT Lolawk9’s friend AT ALL
xxElsaxxJan 02 @ 10:30 AM
Wish I was it

But she looks good
Ashley5287Jan 02 @ 10:25 AM
So cool
Coolboi2870Jan 02 @ 9:47 AM
Hey, friends I would like to nominate my best friend.Ryanboi for potw. He always makes my day everytime I see him. He always willing to help me and others out. He makes me feel welcome to the club penguin community and others. He inspires me a lot. I hope he is the next penguin of the week.
Dj GrumpyJan 02 @ 8:37 AM
RileyriaJan 02 @ 8:26 AM
Go Dj!
RileyriaJan 02 @ 8:24 AM
I’m nominating Dj Grumpy.Dj is a great penguin. Every time I see he’s on I jump to him no matter what I’m doing. He is always a great friend and and is always willing to talk.Dj is an amazing penguin. He is basically what POTW stands for.I think Dj Grumpy should be POTW and I won’t stop until he is.
Dj GrumpyJan 02 @ 1:54 PM
Thank you so much Rileyria!
Dj GrumpyJan 02 @ 8:16 AM
MunchEcksJan 02 @ 12:00 PM
club penguin stop making every thing money you are being really greedy