Happy December, penguin pals!

In case you’re looking for another way to celebrate the 1.8 update, we’ve got you covered. The Club Penguin Island anthem, “We Are the Penguins,” is now streaming on Spotify and iTunes, and will be available on other platforms soon! Simply search for the song on your favorite streaming platform, and jam out any place, anytime!

Tell us what you love about the anthem in a comment below.

Waddle On


Curlygirly1May 28 @ 5:32 AM
Hi Sam if their was a Sam vs joe question in the app i choose Sam
CP3154483266May 12 @ 12:10 PM
Whoa i never seen Cadence i never did that!
Geeshy5Jan 07 @ 4:20 PM
Omg I Love It!
Oriana1231Dec 10 @ 12:46 PM
Love it
Arielahearts1Dec 10 @ 6:33 AM
I loved it was amazing when are you gonna let us have free things again
Daffodil126Dec 10 @ 4:41 AM
We need puffls now so. Get nem 😞
CP9095062091Dec 09 @ 4:27 PM
this is crazy!
jollybluegirlDec 09 @ 1:53 PM
wow!!! i cant wait to play in a bit.
bubbly5Dec 09 @ 9:58 AM
ya party time
Star8904Dec 08 @ 2:33 PM
Land or sky sail or fly you and I. We are the pengiuns we are the pengiuns we can run this island! We are the pengiuns is my FAVORATE song if you ask me! Thanks club penguin for making we are the pengiuns. . Lol this is the longest message I ever wrote!
KidsonicgavinDec 08 @ 7:02 PM
It is a super awesome song we are the penguins we are the penguins we can run this island hooooooooo! Hey hooooooo, hey let’s go to get the cave and cove why not the boardwalk with me land or sky tube or swim we are the penguins we are the penguins
Daffodil126Dec 10 @ 4:52 AM
Yes fanc you for sure clud penguin you are totally great and we are very much proud of you for all your great fun and great features thanks to all your great games and the great kids of fun and super special sprisis fans agen 😘😘
calvini25Dec 08 @ 11:26 AM