Hi beta testers,

We’re on the road to version 1.9! Our QA team is working hard to ensure there are valuable fixes in the update, and your feedback is helping with the process.

We’ve gone through ALL your comments from the last Beta Test Fest post and we’d like to discuss some of the most frequently seen bugs.

Top Bugs

Some clothing appears completely black
Our team has fixed some of these bugs in 1.9, but there could be more out there. Check out the What’s Next section below for more information.

Players don’t dance during Team Dance Battle
This bug can happen for all different reasons, and the QA team has found and fixed some of them in 1.9. Let us know if you still run into the issue, and if there was anything you’d done that might have triggered it.

Points aren’t scoring correctly during Team Dance Battle
Thanks for letting our team know about this! Our QA gurus are now looking into the problem. Meanwhile, we always welcome more details.

Purchased furniture items don’t show up in the inventory
This bug is being investigated and there is a workaround. Try switching your inventory tabs if an item isn’t displaying correctly—this usually forces it to appear. If that doesn’t work, leave your igloo and come back in.

The screen turns pink when loading the game
Some players can fix this by updating their drivers. However, some players’ hardware might be out of date and unable to run Club Penguin Island. We’d love to have you on the island, so contact our support team to see if they can help with the computer you’re on: support@clubpenguinisland.com

Can’t comment on blog posts
If a player opens Island News and quickly goes to an article, they might not be able to comment. Instead, try waiting a few seconds after opening Island News posts, and then go to an article. This can give the game time to log you into the comment system. Meanwhile, there is a loading screen planned for this section to help out.

What’s Next?

We’d love to hear more details about clothing that’s appearing as completely black. Let us know which blueprints, fabrics, and decals you’re using when the issue occurs.

We also want to hear about any other bugs you’re discovering when playing on Windows PC or Mac. Here’s a template that can help:

  • Are you playing on PC Windows or Mac?
  • What bug have you discovered?
  • What were you doing when the bug happened?

As always, THANK YOU so much! We’re so grateful to have a community that’s as determined as we are to build a strong island.

Waddle On


Popit633Jan 14 @ 11:39 PM
I still have the bug where you can’t dance for team dance battle please fix this oh and please bring puffers back and also the school please if u do thanks you so much!
d324Jan 14 @ 5:44 PM
Plz add puffeles!!!!!

plz add puffeles!!!
StaeyJan 14 @ 11:10 AM
I have a bug I was doing a game I couldn't play it so the other person won
jay754Jan 13 @ 12:36 PM
BUG heres some thing that bugs! me not to be rude but any way add puffles i love puffles any way lol lol lol lol lol i cant say any thing but lol wait i just did not say lol huh lol lol lol ahhhh i still am saying lol lol lol but when when i say something like i can only say lol i can say not lol
Geeshy5Jan 13 @ 6:39 AM
Bug: I Finished A Summet Plummet Race And Then Floated In The Air!
I Went To Potato Island, And I Got Stuck There.
I Resigned In And It Was Fine
Waddle On!
Geeshy5Jan 13 @ 6:32 AM
Bug: I Just Finished The Last Rookie Mission And I Waited 30 Mins For My
Reward. It Never Came Up So I Resigned In Then I Had To Do It Again.
This Used To Never Happen, But It Happens A lot Now.
I Am On IPad.
Waddle On!
DisneyMal123Jan 12 @ 12:44 PM
I always flick off during the game, my friends don't work, I cant jump to my friends, and I cant see the island news
Unikitty33Jan 11 @ 4:28 PM
I wasent lisening,sorry.
Geeshy5Jan 11 @ 4:04 AM
Joe The Penguins We’re Not Dancing On The Dance Floor... Again.
It Was I Think Because My Cat Pressed Something On My IPad And I Think Triggered It But ?Then
crazypenguin76Jan 10 @ 11:29 AM
can you please let non members use jackhammers pleeeaaase!
jay754Jan 13 @ 12:37 PM
crazy penguin what your saying is not carzy but your names crazy penguin how how lol hope that did not sound rude
Geeshy5Jan 10 @ 4:32 AM
CPI Please Be Aware That Your Game Is Turning Into A Dating Site. It Needs Better Chat Filter And A lot Of My Friends Like Soda Pop Are Scared By It. Please Get Better Chat Filter And Anamadicly Ban People For Dating. 😱
Waddle On!