Hey penguin pals,

It’s time for some Dot talk. She’s one of the island’s top designers, but there’s something more to her than that—something mysterious!

Q: What kind of designs does Dot make?
A: Some of the sleek and stylish outfits in the catalog are Dot originals. And some of the weirder outfits are hers too—like the Crab Disguise.

Q: Why would anyone want a crab disguise?
A: To blend in with crabs.

Q: Doesn’t that seem strange to you?
A: Dot’s a stealth expert, so she knows the value of a good disguise. Her design came in handy during Aunt Arctic’s chapter one episode, Mirror Mirror.

Q: A stealth expert? Why wouldn’t you mention that sooner?
A: It’s classified information. I may not be good with secrets but I can’t say more.

Q: So she’s a secret agent?
A: Yeah, totally a secret agent.

Q: Where’d she learn to be a stealth expert?
A: I’ve said too much already. Also, I don’t actually know. Dot doesn’t talk about the stealth master who trained her.

So there you have it, friends. Dot is one of the island’s top designers, and most definitely not a stealth expert with a mysterious past. Just forget anything that says otherwise.

Waddle On


TylerWonkaBarsJan 28 @ 5:44 PM
What???? I don't get it. A stealth expert??? Why would we need one??? Herbert crashed a month ago. There's more villians?!?? Like Dr.Fish???? I'm so scared and confused. Someone help!