Hey penguin pals,

Keeping the island safe and friendly is our team’s top priority. When penguins are cool, friendly, and respectful, everyone wins! There could be instances, though, when you experience some poor penguin etiquette. To help you be prepared to keep your cool, and most importantly, stay safe, here are the dos and don’ts to some sticky situations:

Scenario 1: You see a penguin using inappropriate language or harassing you or someone else.

DO: Report the penguin right away. You can do this by clicking on the penguin, then on the button with three dots, found directly below their picture. From there, you can report them and let our team know why you’re reporting them. If you need to get away from the penguin, jump to your igloo and set it to private.

DON’T: Get involved. Even if you’re trying to be helpful, telling another penguin to “stop” or “go away” could result in getting yourself temporarily banned.

Scenario 2: Your igloo guests are being disrespectful.

DO: Report the penguins, and set your igloo to private. This will automatically kick everyone out of your igloo.

DON’T: Tell them to leave or go away––the chat filter might confuse that with you being unkind.

Scenario 3: You followed our dos and don’ts, but you still want to talk to someone about what happened.

DO: Talk to a parent, or email our support team at support@clubpenguinisland.com for additional guidance on how to handle the situation going forward.

DON’T: Hold it in. It can be really helpful to talk through situations like these!

Scenario 4: You want to be a leader and positive role model in the community.

DO: Be yourself, but think before you act! Don’t type anything you wouldn’t say out loud, and treat others how you want to be treated. Like we said, when penguins are cool, friendly, and respectful, we all win!

DON’T: Worry about what others are doing.

We hope this is helpful, penguin pals! Thanks for helping us keep the island safe. In a comment below, tell us what you do to be a great penguin!

Waddle On


MegaloguinJun 27 @ 2:05 PM
Its hard for me not to worry about what others are doing because i have brain differences like Autism and ADHD and some other brain disorders but i will try to not worry.