Congratulations, beta testers. We did it!

The 1.10 update will be the end of the Club Penguin Island open beta. From that point on, the island is officially ready for everyone.

We’ve come a long way. Back in December, there were major bugs—but since we started Beta Test Fests, we’ve seen a huge drop in these kinds of issues. Our community has really helped make a difference.

This is a big win, but let’s remember that bugs will always exist in any game. Our island is stable but the QA team will continue to test and make fixes! In fact, they’re already diving into a bunch of the bugs you’ve last reported. Here’s a sample:

Top Bugs

Not able to chat or even send quick texts
I feel your pain, penguin pals—I ran into this issue too. First I was hanging around some friends’ igloos and suddenly I couldn’t say a word. Thankfully, the team is on the case, so we should be seeing a fix for this.

Arrow keys aren’t used for Fossil Four controls
While having alternate controls are great, the original controls are also supposed to be available. The QA team is looking into getting the arrow keys hooked back up for this party game.

Game crashes when loading a new zone
Great reports, everyone! Your comments really helped put this on the QA team’s radar. Now that they’re aware of this issue, they’ve begun testing to determine where the problem’s coming from.

Can’t close Island News
This is another bug that was spotted thanks to the reports we received! The QA team is looking into it, even though I can’t understand why you’d EVER want to close Island News. Come on, I’ve got some great blog posts here, right?

What’s Next?

Congratulate yourself on a job well done. Seriously. There have been thousands of bug reports that have helped our QA team, and while their work is never over, it’s certainly under control. From the entire Club Penguin Island team, THANK YOU!!!

Waddle On


fifafan442Mar 31 @ 1:41 PM
good job disney. but you need to add fetures from the original game.
Xtal2010Mar 24 @ 1:40 PM
I'm using the daily wind spin but I can't spin it.
On android🤔😐😑
Chloelee3Mar 18 @ 6:07 PM
Big Glitch! When I Jumped To My Pretend Friend Socio2013, He Was In Some Kind Of... Crate Co World? I Don't Know What It Is But Phew, I'm Glad We're Out Of There!
Johny52Mar 13 @ 6:14 PM
ManProgrammingMar 13 @ 9:19 AM
Will be CPI on Linux?
Lollygirl35Mar 11 @ 7:12 PM
I don’t care
Geeshy5Mar 11 @ 2:02 PM
Glitch: In Mission 3 Of DJ Cadence, Rory’s Flipper Is Always On His Hair! No Matter What I Try, Its Stuck There! Waddle On!
Geeshy5Mar 10 @ 6:42 AM
Bug: When I Try To Join Another Server, It Crashes The Game!
Geeshy5Mar 09 @ 9:25 AM
Joes Right. I Spend So Much Time Here!
Geeshy5Mar 09 @ 9:13 AM
Glitch: When I Press To See More Comments, More Blogs, And To
Post Comments, The Loading Thing Dosn’t Pop Up!
Waddle On!