Hi beta testers,

You did a fantastic job reporting new bugs to us on the last Beta Test Fest blog post. As always, we read over every one of your comments. Let’s check on how some of them are doing.

Top Bugs

Can’t change clothing in an igloo
Good catch! Thanks to your feedback we’ve discovered that changing a penguin’s clothes while in an igloo won’t always work. This bug is now on the team’s radar and they’re looking into what can be done.

Island News won’t load or loads slowly
A fix was included in 1.9 that will help most players. However, some players with slow internet connections or older devices might still have some trouble.

Can’t move during Marble Hunt
There have been reports that the seeker or the finder in Marble Hunt can’t move. The QA team will do some testing to identify the problem.

Penguins don’t appear in the right place
Have you sat at a table but other penguins still see you standing? Or maybe you’re on the stage at Coconut Cove but your friend sees you on the beach? This is because of lag, and it happens most when one player’s on mobile and the other is on a computer. The better the internet connection, the less this will happen.

Penguins aren’t dancing during Team Dance Battle
There are different reasons this can happen and more fixes are being made. It seems to be getting a lot better but let us know if you’re still seeing issues.

What’s Next?

The newest version of Club Penguin Island is here! That means new bug fixes, but it can also mean some new bugs will pop up. Let us know of any issues you’re running into since the 1.9 update, and the team will investigate.

Thanks for all your help, beta testers!

Waddle On


Geeshy5Feb 24 @ 7:07 AM
Ok I’m Gonna Die If I See This Faceless Puffle Poke Out Of The Ground Again!
Geeshy5Feb 24 @ 7:06 AM
Ok One Tinsy Problom... Here’s An Example: Pretend Your Is A Bad Word. You Can Get Past That Filter By Saying “Yo ur.” It Needs To Be Fixed! Thanks!
Waddle On!
BoardudeFeb 17 @ 11:05 AM
Deer ClubPenguin Island There Has Bin A big Problem Lately I Have Noticed That You can say bad words using two Syllables to make a bad word like for example 'th at' or 'th' then you press enter and say 'at'
Thanks for helping
Waddle On!
ladybug 0703Feb 17 @ 6:55 AM
This would be a good change because Internet connection can be slow for some people who have a bad connection and also eat at frankeys....
honor313Feb 16 @ 10:25 PM
honor313Feb 16 @ 10:21 PM
Fiffy7108Feb 16 @ 7:15 PM
i have one plan to fix this problem but im not really sure if it works.u can check friend requests players that have friend list probem then delete all of the requests so account error might be gone and friend list might be back.But we need ur help bc we cant see the friend request so unable delete
Fiffy7108Feb 16 @ 7:11 PM
Dear CPI Team,
you should fix the friend list and account error problem.My friend Laralue2134 got this problem already and also me and the other penguins.I really dont wanna to quit cpi cuz its the best game that i ever played!
LacyStacyFeb 14 @ 3:58 PM
The computer version of the game doesn’t load and when ur does it crashes . Basically the computer version for windows is unplayable
Dayia1Feb 12 @ 7:09 PM
Party in my igloo make sure if you come bring your tubs and wear your swimsuits
CP2642994825Feb 12 @ 2:07 PM
no están las islas
Mo81Feb 11 @ 4:51 PM
So during the tutorial when your making your own clothing the message to show you to switch from colors to decals freezes then soft locks my computer. I tried everything I could and it still happens. If you can please fix this because multiple people have this problem.
90Noras1Feb 11 @ 11:17 AM
Whenever I try to open the igloos through the map my game freezes. After about a minute of waiting it finally crashes. It’s not a good thing but it lets me reload because I can’t exit the game through the home button. But it’s VERY annoying.
VukAnd12Feb 11 @ 7:41 AM
Visual glitch:
Someone glitched.
They tried to throw a snowball, and then... it looked like he/she always tried to throw a snowball.
Zoe4638Feb 11 @ 5:20 AM
#party in my igloo now bring your tubes
mix77797955Feb 10 @ 11:42 PM
I would like to report some bugs:
Sometimes when I am in a friends igloo I see them with their CPI phone even though they are finished with it.
90Noras1Feb 10 @ 6:15 PM
I was with a friend in their igloo.I saw someone who looked EXACTLY like her. Then I realized it was her. Her name appeared as CP(numbers I can't remember)U. I was so confused when I saw this so please fix it.
Purcie3Feb 10 @ 10:04 AM
Wait so have you fixed the Marble Hunt problem? Or is it still in progress? Cause I just played the game and I couldn’t move. Sorry if this came out as a complaint I am not trying to complain I love this game!
PrincessSarah5...Feb 10 @ 9:50 AM
What about the bug that prevents me from clicking to view older comments or reply to comments?
KC AWESOMEFeb 09 @ 1:59 PM
KC AWESOMEFeb 09 @ 1:59 PM