Hi penguin pals,

Does your hair never look right on picture day? Do coins land tails when you call heads? Do dogs leave surprises for you whenever you run barefoot in the grass? (Yuck!)

I know, sometimes luck just doesn’t fall the way you want. But don’t worry, because the new Daily Win Spin in the 1.10 update is going to change all that. No matter your luck, you can win BIG!

The Daily Win Spin is completely free and can reward you with coins, XP, and items… just for playing Club Penguin Island! (And free players get full access to party supplies they unlock.) By logging in enough times you’re GUARANTEED to get special items—so not even bad luck can stop you.

There’s igloo furniture for members and shirts for EVERYONE! You can start with the Striking Bronze Tee

And work your way up to a shirt that’s sure to be ultra rare—the Supreme Diamond Tee!

All you have to do is spin!

Waddle On


selinavannaAJNov 12 @ 1:32 AM
spin good
ironman989Jun 27 @ 4:34 AM
i like cp island
CP3154483266May 17 @ 3:01 PM
Same as Wheel of Fortune I love it! I love Wheel of Fortune!
Savanna13May 05 @ 8:26 PM
Cool, cant wait!
DJ PumkinMar 26 @ 5:50 PM
WOO! The diamond shirt is amazing!
Beezie10Mar 11 @ 7:16 AM
How do you spin it🤔
Ultradude2008Mar 12 @ 10:34 AM
By Going To Your CPI Phone And Hitting Spin. (Duh)
Beef JurkeyMar 09 @ 6:36 PM
This is when the update came out it will not let me use my party’s blaster I earn i earned
FlipperdudeMar 08 @ 11:33 AM
This looks great!
CP4732299059Mar 04 @ 9:36 AM
I really want it :DD
Puppy1157Mar 03 @ 9:06 AM
Yay yay yay
Cheeseburger24Mar 01 @ 7:25 AM
I love that diamond tee!!
chanelnaranjoMar 03 @ 2:24 AM
So do i
PillowSun345Feb 27 @ 11:49 AM
Cool, can’t wait for this huge 1.10 update....

*insert record scratching sound here*

Wait, when you said free players get full access to party supplies they unlock, does that mean non-members can start parties too?
pingujulyFeb 28 @ 11:14 AM
i hope that true, beacuse is that doesnt the game will dissapear😖😖
Skatedude304Mar 11 @ 5:09 PM
Sofi155Feb 26 @ 11:09 AM
How do we do that thing🤔
SnowsnuggsFeb 26 @ 9:31 AM
Yes CPI!!! This is exactly the way to treat players! Free for non members plus rare items! This will be incredible! Thumbs up to you!
Judeiscool1Feb 26 @ 7:41 AM
Cool but I’m sad
amerma43Feb 26 @ 5:56 AM
And here's the fan fiction one...
inf47038364Feb 26 @ 9:21 AM
IDK, I guess I thought maybe you were my "WiteCanary" friend from the social media site we're on.
amerma43Feb 26 @ 1:47 PM
Maybe I am....
inf47038364Feb 28 @ 4:14 PM
So I suppose you know who the Glittersmiths, Dox, Christy, and Kitsune are? :/
amerma43Mar 03 @ 3:59 PM
Uhh, you got me there...
inf47038364Mar 04 @ 12:03 PM
That's what I thought. X3

...of course, Kitsune happens to be one of my NINJAGO OCs. Maybe I could explain him and the rest of the Guardians of Misfortune? You did say you like NINJAGO, right?
amerma43Mar 08 @ 5:49 AM
I do! That would be awesome if you could explain it to me
inf47038364Mar 09 @ 2:16 PM
Hurrah! =3

Okay, so, Kitsune Jacob Nimbus was born into the Sky Pirate crew. He lived a father-less childhood on the Misfortune's Keep, learning things like how to craft and operate weaponry and ammo, as well as all sorts of different religions and cultures of the other pirates roped into
inf47038364Mar 09 @ 2:19 PM
Nadakhan's crew. Somewhere along the line (when he was about 11) he also went to a market on Master Chen's Island and bought a slave girl named Sakura, whom Kit wound up disguising as a boy so he could bring her back to her family... but that's a whole separate story. But all you need to know is, an
inf47038364Mar 09 @ 2:28 PM
angry Soto and his crew attacked in an attempt to get Sakura back, but accidentally killed her, but again that's another story. Anyways, the Sky Pirates were marooned in all the 16 Realms, and Kitsune wound up in the Cloud Kingdom. There, Fenwick found him and took him in as an apprentice and/or
inf47038364Mar 09 @ 2:31 PM
dead-loyal-but-still-abused-servant, and there Kitsune also made friends with a 14 year-old girl (he was 13 during this section of his backstory) named Annaisha, who would turn out to be one of his lifelong friends/secret admirer. (he doesn't like-like her, though) Anyways, an Anacondrai Cultist
inf47038364Mar 09 @ 2:33 PM
named Yuki Zugo kidnapped Annaisha and brought her to Ninjago, (for revenge on Kit; if you want, I could tell you about Yuki next, he's one of the other Guardians) so Kit went there (the first Cloud Kingdomer to go to Ninjago! Legally, anyway.) to rescue her, and there he ran into Choji (I could
inf47038364Mar 09 @ 2:44 PM
also tell you about him if you want). But then Kit got stuck in Ninjago, so he took shelter in the Misfortune's Keep and pretty soon also took Choji in as sort of an adopted son/brother combo sort of thing. X3 And then the two of them went on a quick quest across Ninjago that led to Kit also
inf47038364Mar 09 @ 2:48 PM
adopting Minori, the adopted son of the Time Twins (loves grunge music and playing his guitar, has creepy/prophetic dreams) and Yuki, (OBSESSED with bacon, glitter, unicorns; is a little on the crazy side sometimes; worships the Overlord) who at this point had spent the past few decades going just a
inf47038364Mar 09 @ 2:51 PM
tad nuts (nothing serious though) alone in the Digiverse. (my best friend and I always get a little teary talking about that part though ;-;)

Anyways, Kitsune is headstrong, overprotective, empathetic, distrusting of strangers, loving, refuses to believe his loved ones have wronged him, and is
inf47038364Mar 09 @ 2:52 PM
known for his hospitality throughout the story. :)

*exhales* That was fun! =3 Wanna hear about Minori, Yuki, Choji, or Annaisha now?
inf47038364Mar 09 @ 2:53 PM
(oh, and he has a best friend named J.W. and a girlfriend named Katrine during the Sons of Garmadon arc. I could also talk about them, but I don't consider them to be official Guardians.)
amerma43Feb 26 @ 5:56 AM
Here is the b day convo, Inf!
inf47038364Feb 26 @ 9:22 AM
How could we? We only know each other over a social media, and they kick girls off once they turn 18.
amerma43Feb 26 @ 1:48 PM
Hmm, you seem creative. You should try finding a way around it!
inf47038364Feb 28 @ 4:16 PM
Hehe, thanks. I've been told my creative work is quite notable. (as in, there are, like, 20 fan clubs over a guy I made called Peter, and my friends have started hosting random "Akira-hug parties") But I'll consult my friend. Maybe we can put our heads together and think of something or another.
amerma43Mar 03 @ 3:58 PM
That would be awesome!
inf47038364Mar 04 @ 12:04 PM
Yeah, just gotta remember to ask her about it once I get on later today. :p
amerma43Mar 08 @ 5:50 AM
inf47038364Mar 09 @ 2:54 PM
X3 I have a really bad memory, sorry...
Leah237Feb 25 @ 10:09 PM
I so don't want people to dress like me
KLL1112Feb 25 @ 8:04 PM
Can non members please have hair I have been called a boy before
Leah237Feb 25 @ 10:06 PM
I now
Marshmellow159Feb 25 @ 7:08 PM
IceeeveeFeb 25 @ 5:57 PM
Wow that is cool
LaurelKate02Feb 25 @ 4:36 PM
Cool I’m just gonna spin at the wheel and get one of those
RainbowShakeFeb 25 @ 4:23 PM
Leah237Feb 25 @ 10:07 PM
But cool
Nora761Feb 25 @ 2:21 PM
Please bring back puffins in this update
RainbowShakeFeb 25 @ 4:24 PM
Do u mean puffles?
Juliette791Feb 25 @ 2:09 PM
I love the supreme diamond tee