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Waddle On


Sock239Apr 24 @ 7:10 PM
Event World Penguin Day
When Tomorrow All day!!!!
Where island central
At 5:30 we take a group picture right next to Dj candences studio
Sock239Apr 24 @ 7:35 PM
But before we take pictures we will tell what kind of penguin you are and what do on World Penguin Day
UnaoneApr 24 @ 3:12 PM
Band tryouts in my igloo right now! (Members can do any instrument, sorry non-members! you can only sing!)
FantaLover6Apr 24 @ 1:34 PM
Oh and Don't Forget Everything is Possible When You Are A Penguin

WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!
FantaLover6Apr 24 @ 1:32 PM
Hey penguin pals me SpriteLover10 and Sarah947 are starting a band we will put on community connect when we will preform and have awesome concerts hope we have a GREAT turnout here are some deets
Where: At Coconut Cove And Sprites restaurant in her awsome igloo
Why: So We Can Make CPI Awesome
SpriteLover10Apr 24 @ 12:26 PM
Hi guys like fanta said yesterday my elegant restaurant is open and ready for business we serve a variety of food and drinks open every day and tonight we have talent show night plz stop by anytime and if I’m not there get to know other people there plz come whenever you want!!
FantaLover6Apr 23 @ 12:41 PM
Hey penguin pals my bff sprite here is having the most elegant grand opening of he new restaurant in her igloo!!!!! Here r the deets:

Where: Her igloo her name is SpriteLover10 so friend her
Time: 1:00 penguin standard time
Wear: Penguin Day Clothes or something elegant
Tell everyone u know
MissFirefly2Apr 23 @ 2:18 AM
I am sooo annoyed. My main account got banned when trying to explain to someone about landscaping in igloo. I couldn’t even say the word terrain..or grassland..how ridiculous the chat sensor is.
Please sort out the sensor which is just too harsh and getting banned for that is not acceptable.
SpriteLover10Apr 22 @ 9:38 AM
Oh right and try to wear world penguin day shirt or colors or decals if u can! Thx

Waddle On!
SpriteLover10Apr 22 @ 9:35 AM
Hey y’all
My event: World Penguin Day/ Earth Day Party!
When: All day today
Where: My iggy
The Deets: There will be food and fun stuff to do so hope u have fun today!

Waddle On!
Chloelee3Apr 22 @ 8:23 AM
Sock239, Could You Give My New Nickelodeon Blaze And Friends Crossover Episode A Name? Because The Contest Is Over, And Add Your Character, Jerry, To The Episode!
OlivietApr 22 @ 8:20 AM
Event: Church Service
When: Today at 8:45 PST
Where: My Igloo
Sever: Zipline
Details: My Igloo is dressed up as a church service, chri stain hang out, and if you want to become one too
Replacement Words: God= Gawd= the Father Christain= chri stain Bible= Bib le
OlivietApr 22 @ 9:00 AM
Since this announcement was a little early and I didn't get there on time I am changing the time to 11:45 PST
OlivietApr 22 @ 9:01 AM
also the replacement word for Jesus is Ges us
OlivietApr 22 @ 10:49 AM
Hi guys! Just letting you know that you can come to hangout anytime! Also that this service will be about being an ambassador! Thanks for reading waddle on!
Rose 231Apr 22 @ 6:26 AM
Event : concert
When : tomorrow at 3:00
Where :alpine on the cove stage
Details : you can also use your tools that are instruments. I am the host of the concert. there is going to be food and drinks.were fancy clothes and shoes if you are a member, but if not were a t shirt .
Jackie BApr 21 @ 3:16 PM
Do you like to play ?
Imagine yourself as a mom dad Child etc and find your friends to play with and play out life! Today at Coconut Cove have fun and relive being a littlest kid befor social media took over.
Jackie BApr 21 @ 3:09 PM
Event- March of Nonmembers
When- Today
Where- Alpine, at Island Central
Details- If you're a nonmember and feel like you don't get your needs met, can't buy food, can't wear nice clothes, come to this event! Speak out! Stand up! Join the party!
Members welcome (to provide food, LOL)
Sock239Apr 21 @ 9:54 PM
Event March of the members
When Tomorrow
Where alpine island central
Details if you’re a member and are tired of the nonmembers complaning come to to this event. Speak out! Stand up! Join the party! Nonmembers can come (to watch us play games and eat food and look at our clothes LOL!)
Rose 231Apr 22 @ 5:59 AM
I am coming!
Sock239Apr 21 @ 10:03 PM
The only nonmembers that can March are my nonmember friends
Sock239Apr 21 @ 12:57 PM
Event The Nicest Penguin Awards ceremony
When Today at 5:45 penguin time
Where my igloo
If you’re wondering about the gold penguin on the stage it’s a trophy 🏆
Music327Apr 21 @ 8:37 AM
Event: Band tryouts
When: April 22 8 am pst
Where: Coconut Cove stage, in marshmallow server
Details: None
Chloelee3Apr 21 @ 4:29 AM
Where: Island Central! Server Alpine!
Details: I Wanted To Keep The Age And Date Private, That's Why A Call My Birthday On CPI My Pretend Birthday.
Shreya2018Apr 21 @ 2:59 AM
Beach party
3:15 PST 21 April
In my iggy
Theme summer
Hoping many penguins will attend there will be piñatas , pizzas, coffee, glow sticks ,party blasters etc
Waddle on