Hi penguin pals!

Tlsandon was nominated to be Penguin of the Week by Cheeseburger24!

Here is the nomination:

I would like to nominate Tlsandon for POWT because he is really nice and tries to keep the island as bully free as possible. We are BFFs in real life and in the game. He likes to come to my igloo and hang out with me. He is a really supportive friend. He deserves it!! – Cheeseburger24

Congrats, Tlsandon!

Want to nominate a friend for Penguin of the Week? Leave a comment telling us why! Each Penguin of the Week receives 5,000 coins and a POTW emoji pack!

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TlsandonJun 04 @ 2:52 PM
TlsandonMay 15 @ 6:40 PM
Dear CP island I think Cheeseburger24 should be penguin of the week because she is really nice and is always a big help to try and beg to get the puffles back on CP island! CP is a really fun game devoted to fun and creativity for kids and she tries to make it even better! She is a great friend!
CP8831187290Apr 14 @ 3:06 PM
good job
Ice creamsApr 12 @ 2:11 PM
Hey penguins!! I will be doing my own potw nomination! So please check my blog post so you can see if you are penguin of the week I am going to do it every single day of the week post so please look for my comment and also the winner of this the winner of this potw weeks is cheesy Blues
Love KylaApr 11 @ 11:03 AM
You are the penguin of the week well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PinkQueenlllApr 11 @ 7:28 AM
I'd love to nominate Oliviet because she's SO nice and always has awesome ideas! She throws awesome party's and helps out when they need it! She's such a great friend and is so great to hang out with! I love how nice and fun she is! I definitely recommend friending her! So, thats why I nominate her!
Snowyicicle32Apr 11 @ 5:04 AM
Nice! Great job!
Lulu107Apr 11 @ 2:56 AM
5oooo coins
TeamNameApr 11 @ 12:15 AM
Bad decision =
Addy7528Apr 10 @ 5:32 PM
That’s great that your friends in real life what grade are you in.
LemorrisbattleApr 10 @ 3:43 PM
Are you guys playing
Addy7528Apr 10 @ 5:33 PM
You are great to your friends
Kelly825Apr 10 @ 2:24 PM
I want Ella Wee Tee to be POTW. She is sooo nice and is willing to stand up for anyone. So plz make POTW. Also I have been begging for two whole months. -Kelly825
Kelly825Apr 10 @ 2:20 PM
Malaka123Apr 10 @ 1:54 PM
Awesomeguy8 plz reply to this comment, Awesomeguy8 plz reply to this comment.
GeologicalApr 10 @ 1:36 PM
Weeeh for a start club penguin lol. I’d absolutely love to nominate my great friend loveheart4 cause she is a great person and means so much to me whenever I’m downs he puts a smile on my face she makes me giggle when we’re bored And I think she’s is one of the most special penguin to be here
Jakescorner1Apr 10 @ 12:24 PM
I would like to nominate bookshelfLove because;
She is super fun and encouraging,
She is calm and patient, but also knows how to make a party ROCK,
She is my best friend in the app and in real life,
And she’s quirky and funny with a bright orange twist(that means her color)!
Thanks!WADDLE ON!!!
Cuties1Apr 10 @ 10:08 AM
Hi everyone I’m so happy today I love CPI it’s so fun I would like to say that everyone is so nice and anyone that brakes the rules needs to STOP and I love people that are nice a there are a lot of people that are nice in the game and real life I just wanted to say that bye
Lola9748Apr 10 @ 8:37 AM
i would like to nominate cooll dud for being a good loving friend to others including me. some times i invite him over to my igloo and somtimes he invites me over to his. he is my closest friend in the game out of all of my friends.
Trixie SparkleApr 10 @ 6:39 AM
I would like to nominate IAK17 for POTW. She is a super great friend to everyone and gives tours of CPI to new penguins. She includes everyone in the fun and never leaves anyone out. No penguin could be more deserving! Penguins Rule!!!!
Surriya8Apr 10 @ 6:08 AM
You’re so lucky
Kylor587Apr 10 @ 5:28 AM
I’m ready ty is the way to go get it and then it will be thar way I am not ready for the day.
Quito234Apr 10 @ 5:17 AM
I want to nominate eleo365. Is my friend and i love her so much, when i am sad she preocupates from me and is very frienly with all this community. Eleo, you are the best!