Hi penguin pals,

It’s been a while since our last sneak peek, hasn’t it? Well, back by popular demand, here is an exclusive sneak peek at the 1.10.2 update!!!

World Penguin Day is coming up, which is kind of a SUPER big deal. For us, it’s a day to recognize penguins living around the world and all their lovable qualities, as well as our incredible community of penguin pals on the island! To ensure that everyone feels really special, we decided to dress Island Central up for the occasion, complete with a fancy photo area, velvet ropes, balloons, and more. We’re giving everyone the celebrity treatment!

Players will be greeted by Dot, Rory, and DJ Cadence, and everyone will receive a snazzy new t-shirt and emojis from last year’s celebration! Members will get new fabrics, decals, and classy igloo furniture. Without giving too much away, are a few visuals of the glamorous goodies:

Perfect for keeping the paparazzi away from your fish dogs. 


Is this not the best decal you’ve ever seen? It’s the BEST DECAL I’VE EVER SEEN!


No dining table is complete without a bouquet of fluffies!

We hope you’re more excited than ever to celebrate World Penguin Day on Club Penguin Island! While you’re waiting for our fanciest update yet, tell us what your favorite thing about penguins is in a comment below!

Waddle On


CP3154483266Jun 20 @ 4:18 PM
Fancy Restraunt
Little cuttieMay 04 @ 7:50 PM
I love this game! If there was one thing I could change about it though, it would be that there wouldn’t be membership that you had to pay for. So that every penguin was equal. I f u want money, put ads at the beginning of the game before it comes on. Other than that though, it is a great game!
Matthew5816May 08 @ 4:40 PM