Hi penguin pals,

Club Penguin Island adventures are a great way to discover the island. Within them are mysteries to be uncovered and characters to learn about. But did you know there are also secrets many players will never see? Today, we’re uncovering some of these special moments that happen when you play adventures just a little differently!

Warning: The following list has a bunch of spoilers from all different adventures!

10. You Blew It… And it Was Great! (Chapter: Beach Bash – Episode: Make It Big)
DJ Cadence is belting out her latest hit and you’re on stage to dance and set off the confetti cannons! This is going to be a perfect moment, right? Well, it actually doesn’t have to be.

Instead, you could wear something other than the outfit Dot made for you. And when you’re expected to set off the confetti cannons? Don’t.

As it turns out, Dot and Rory learn a valuable lesson from this—they didn’t have to worry about everything being completely perfect. The audience still had a blast at the Beach Bash!

9. Retreat! (Chapter: Fair Share – Episode: A Captain’s Share)
Shellbeard has captured Rockhopper! The only thing you can do now is… RUN!?

Yep, it turns out you can escape Shellbeard. Just pull up your map and jump to a new zone.

Once you return to the area, Shellbeard will zap you back onto the hidden island and wonder how you managed to escape.

8. Whistle While You Work? (Chapter: Shocking Secrets – Episode: Point of View)
When you meet Jet Pack Guy he’ll ask a simple task of you—pull out some binoculars from the lifeguard kit and scout the area. Now, you could do as he says, or you could get distracted by the shiny whistle.

Jet Pack Guy won’t be amused and will ask if you’re messing around. You can even grab the shark warning sign and he’ll wonder if you’re trying to scare away the bad guys.

7. Hi in the Sky (Chapter: Shocking Secrets – Episode: Double Click)
He might act goofy, but Rookie can be a clever guy. After all, he can teach you Crab! You’ll learn from Rookie that crabs say “Hello” by jumping.

When you meet Klutzy later in the episode you can try it out. Just jump into the air and he’ll happily reply with a bounce. Cute, hey?

Just don’t use a royal emoji. He might not like that…

6. Dress Like a Landlubber (Chapter: Fair Share – Episode: A Pirate’s Life)
To join Rockhopper’s crew, he’ll ask you to dress like a pirate. But hey, Rockhopper’s a pretty laidback pirate—if you wear something else he’ll still accept you!

Let us know if you found any other special secrets in the adventures! And, of course, stay tuned to Island News for Part 2 of Top Adventure Secrets!

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LittlegibletApr 27 @ 3:36 PM
if you tube race when you run to the camp site jet pack gay gets angry
Claireblue145Apr 25 @ 2:15 PM
Fair share is the best!
JumpropeApr 23 @ 1:38 PM
Sad 😔 day!
Geeshy5Apr 23 @ 3:56 AM
I Liked Climbing The Mountain With My Elsa Dress And Football Helmet On.
SploshJnrApr 22 @ 9:43 PM
In Rookie's adventure #5 in 'Pick of the year' the 'party animals' are wearing the party hats from the original Club Penguin! Nice hint to the original there CP Team!
Thememeking1Apr 22 @ 1:26 PM
Can we be spys plz
NingjaEApr 22 @ 12:22 PM
What about non-member adventures???
ktfgfdddApr 22 @ 10:03 AM
KenreataApr 20 @ 1:00 PM
Splash JackApr 20 @ 9:21 AM
In rookies final mission jump into the broken place wear the hot sauce goes and gary will say that your enthusiasm isn’t a replacement for a cannon.
Soocerstar13Apr 19 @ 10:03 PM
Old memories good good times.
Riles279Apr 18 @ 5:05 PM
Omg awesome
Nicki679Apr 18 @ 4:41 PM
Cool that is all we have to do.Done.
XxStarbunnyxXApr 18 @ 4:34 PM