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Community Connect is the place to see this week’s community events. You can even add your own event by posting in the comments below.

There are all different things we’ve seen planned, from parties, band practices, igloo obstacle courses, and more. The choice is yours!

If you need help creating an event, here’s a template you can use:

Event: (The name of your event)
When: (The time of the event)
Where: (The server you’ll be meeting on)
Details: (Any extra information you want to include)

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Waddle On


Jackie BMay 24 @ 4:52 PM
Event: Camp Kikiwaka role play
When: Camp starts at 4:48 PST, May 24
Where: Beacon Boardwalk, Alpine server
Details: Camp Kikiwaka is a camp on a Disney channel TV show. This is basically a role play of the show. I'm going to be the character of Zuri bc she is my fave!
Waddle on!
suriw10May 24 @ 3:02 PM
I would really like to do pool fun .with slides ,trampolines ETC
suriw10May 24 @ 3:01 PM
suriw10May 24 @ 2:58 PM
Thanks I will want to do pool fun with trapalings and slides that would be so munch fun ! Thank you so much for the great news
frostytest20May 24 @ 9:29 AM
This is super cool!
Aiden535May 23 @ 5:28 PM
Come to my igloo for ultimate party! Search my name on ur cpi phone if u need.
suriw10May 24 @ 3:11 PM
When :may 26 Pool trampoline pizza
Where: my igloo
Ice blossom45May 23 @ 10:17 AM
Trampoline park pizza party!
When: May 23
Where: my igloo
Server: Alpine
Animaljam236May 23 @ 9:38 AM
Event: Island Central When: Any time Where: Igloo server at my igloo Details: Pretend your really at Island Central and come to me if u wanna job or post under this post