Hi penguin pals,

What’s the best part of Club Penguin Island? The friends you make!

Even when playing adventures, you’ll find moments of friendship, cooperation, and epic team-ups. Here are some of our favorites!

5. Gary 3000? – Rookie & Gary
How do you cheer up Gary? Well, if you were Rookie you’d make him miniature lab assistant out of coconuts, seashells, choklidium, and seaweed. It might be a bit strange but hey, it totally did its job and made Gary laugh.

4. Carefree Crab – Klutzy & Everyone He Meets
You’d think an evil villain’s sidekick would be evil too, right? Well, it turns out Klutzy is actually kind-hearted. Even when you’re infiltrating Herbert’s iceberg base, he’ll happily get you a slice of pizza. What a great guy!

3. Trusted Confidante – Aunt Arctic & Rockhopper
They might be two very different penguins, but when Aunt Arctic needs help hiding the Island Codex, she enlists the services of the island’s ‘famous’ pirate! Could it be that Aunt Arctic believes Rockhopper is more trustworthy than he puts on?

…Or did she know Rockhopper wouldn’t be interested in a dusty old book?

2. The Epic Fist Bump – Rookie & Jet Pack Guy
After Mount Blizzard wins the Pick of the Year, Rookie gets the greatest prize he could ever imagine—recognition from Jet Pack Guy!

1. Victory! – Aunt Arctic, Dot, Gary, Rookie, and Jet Pack Guy
There’s nothing better than a plan working out! After destroying Herbert’s iceberg base, the group vows to defend the island from danger and become the Elite Penguin Force.

Is your favorite buddy moment on our list or is it something else? Let us know about it in the comments!

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Girl gamer27Jul 05 @ 11:42 PM
We’re is Rory🙁
CP3757533767Jul 05 @ 7:32 PM
Awwww buddy moments are thebest