Hi penguin pals,

It’s time to check out more secrets from Club Penguin Island adventures. We’re counting all the way down to #1!

Warning: The following list has a bunch of spoilers from all different adventures!

5. Work Smarter, Not Harder (Chapter: Get Exposure – Episode: Peak Fitness)
Jet Pack Guy’s planned a workout session and he’s not going to take it easy on you—but that doesn’t mean you can’t bend the rules.

He’ll expect you to jump down Mount Blizzard, but resourceful penguins might take a short cut by blasting from the cannon. JPG won’t be impressed.

That’s not all. JPG has more reactions if you ride in the chairlift and uncork the cannon to blast back up the mountain. Not such a tough workout after all, hey?

4. Feeling Gassy? (Chapter: Get Exposure – Episode: Colder Climes)
Rookie’s alone on Mount Blizzard’s peak and he’ll need your help. Hopefully JPG’s training has prepared you.

To reach Rookie, you’ll need to fuel up Gary’s super cannon with hot sauce and blast up the mountain. But hey, it’s easy to lose your head under pressure so we won’t blame those who panicked and tried jumping into the empty hot sauce tank. In fact, Gary will even take note of your enthusiasm.

3. Uh… Bold Strategy (Chapter: Shocking Secrets – Episode: Skyberg Assault)
It may be the most exciting Club Penguin Island moment—Herbert’s superweapon, the Voltaic Ray, is about to blast the island to smithereens and you’re the only penguin that can stop him. To do so, you’ll have to remove the hot sauce bottle fuelling his iceberg base!

But instead, you could also try a more direct approach—like, say, walking up to Herbert to fight him one-on-one.

Now, I shouldn’t have to tell you how bad of an idea that is. Compared to your penguin, Herbert is HUGE. But there’s one penguin who casually thinks a straight-up battle is the best strategy.

Aunt Arctic shoots down the idea, saying: “And risk the whole mission? No. Focus on the hot sauce.”

2. The Pirate Way (Chapter: Shocking Secrets – Episode: Skyberg Assault)
Now that your focus is on the hot sauce, you’ll need to release the final clamp holding it. By now, most players have learned an important lesson—when in doubt, jackhammer! However, there’s another way to go about this. Grab a wooden sword, smack the hot sauce bottle, and Rockhopper will celebrate your plan.

1. *Wink, Wink* (Chapter: Beach Bash – Episode: Make the Cut)
If you’ve completed Aunt Arctic’s chapter 2 adventure, Dot has already trained you on the art of camouflage—and she considers you her student. She’ll have some extra advice when she asks you to dress in a purple outfit.

Do you get what that means?

Dot was hinting at the Box Dimension before it was ever seen on the island! Whoa.

Waddle On


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Icy Penguin190May 26 @ 7:48 PM
Instead of you asking for pizza you can give pizza in Aunt Arctic Shocking Secrets Skyberg Assault by holding a box of pizza but Klutzy declines
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Hey guys, I'm back.
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