Hi penguin pals,

I want to thank everyone who submitted their igloo for this month’s Expert Builder! I’ve been on an amazing tour of your igloos and, even though it was tough to choose a favorite, a winner has been selected.

Congratulations to the newest Expert Builder, 1Constance1!

Inspiration comes from many places, and 1Constance1 found his from Club Penguin’s Water Dojo! Check out the original Water Dojo next to the Club Penguin Island version!

The layout is thoughtfully done and stays true to the original, with water circling the middle seating area. There are even neat little details, like the exit sign by the bridge and the water bowl next to the cushion.

Congratulations, 1Constance1! You’ve won 5,000 coins and the GOLDEN GRATER!

Waddle On


QueenElsa204Jun 22 @ 3:34 PM
Hello Guys! I have made something so nice & everyone would like it girl or boy. Its a neon escape room which is called Escape in the Glow. Its where we can all party & chat with friends filled with lots of fun & of course food. Everyone is invited & i will be happy to have you in.
(escape if u can.)
HoneyfrostpupJun 22 @ 3:05 PM
Piggy LillyJun 22 @ 8:27 AM
My igloo has an upstairs type of place (even though I’m a nonmember). I’m the upstairs is the living room, kitchen, and a work space. And it also has some nice plants around. CPI team, please visit my igloo. Waddle on! 😜
Pp1penguinJun 22 @ 1:45 AM
My igloo has a area for sword fighting against dummies and a performance stage! But what's cooler is that I have an area full of teleporters but only 7 of them lead to various floating platforms based on stuff such as a movie theatre and a snack bar. Try to find all! Pls visit my igloo CPI team! :)
Ocean SongJun 21 @ 6:33 PM
My igloo was inspired by a Fancyish Mansionish House I once made up in my head and decided to base my igloo on it. It has a large kitchen, a living room with a stage and large TV with a mantel, and it also has a LARGE gold swimming pool with a slide and diving board!
AthenaTheOneJun 21 @ 9:15 AM
My igloo was inspired by Jurassic World it probably take about all my coins but by June 22 is when my igloo is done,, funny story June 22 is when the new movie for Jurassic World is out and plus if I win next month July it would mean everything to me because July first is my birthday WADDLE ON
Sock239Jun 20 @ 8:33 PM
My igloo is a restaurant on a ship 🚢 Plus soon it’ll turn into the steamboat wille on the top is a deluxe seat 💺
DewdropVale24Jun 20 @ 7:12 PM
Pirates? Waterfalls? Mysterious treasure? My igloos got it all! You start by entering to find an amazing pirate ship made of crates. It’s really big but you don’t have to swab the deck anymore! I bet rockhopper would be impressed. Come explore! Maybe I could be the next expert builder of the month!
Sock239Jun 19 @ 8:10 PM
My igloo is a place for Disney Live!! The Theme is baseball so it’s like a baseball field
Curlygirly1Jun 19 @ 7:44 AM
My igloo is a football and cheerleading place for a team I made (in game) The tigers 🐯 oh that reminds me sign ups and practice tonight
Kirafun2006Jun 18 @ 11:12 PM
Well it’s cool
Curlygirly1Jun 18 @ 9:36 AM
My igloo is a football and cheerleading place for a team I made in game (not for real) tigers 🐯 oh that reminds me signup tonight (in Game) at my iggy then I switch it to field and have practice thank you for considering
mix72013456Jun 18 @ 9:23 AM
I liked it!
Jokeysmurf1000Jun 18 @ 8:35 AM
Dear CP,
My igloo was based on a real house. It had a work table, a spruce guitar, a living room, and a kitchen.
Thank you,
RosadillaJun 17 @ 7:30 PM
NOOOOOOOOOO I want that!!!!
UnicornZozoJun 17 @ 1:59 AM
My igloo starts at a jumble of furniture then you get stuck in a box.find your way frew the snow penguin maze and solve the puzzle at the beach.jump your way up the red carpet.
Sit in a throne and take a picture.take the teller porter to the slide.3,2,1, slip and slide down all the way to another