Hi penguin pals,

I want to thank everyone who submitted their igloo for this month’s Expert Builder! I’ve been on an amazing tour of your igloos and, even though it was tough to choose a favorite, a winner has been selected.

Congratulations to the newest Expert Builder, 1Constance1!

Inspiration comes from many places, and 1Constance1 found his from Club Penguin’s Water Dojo! Check out the original Water Dojo next to the Club Penguin Island version!

The layout is thoughtfully done and stays true to the original, with water circling the middle seating area. There are even neat little details, like the exit sign by the bridge and the water bowl next to the cushion.

Congratulations, 1Constance1! You’ve won 5,000 coins and the GOLDEN GRATER!

Waddle On


Icecubejack8Jul 08 @ 2:10 PM
I am soo crying with joy that someone brought a old memory back. I miss that stuff!! 😓
Mingming7273Jun 28 @ 8:09 AM
Come visit my underwater igloo! There’s lots of activities to do! Jump on the airbag, rule the igloo in the throne room, defy logic by getting warm near the campfire, rock out on the music stage, defeat scallywags and claim the treasure on the pirate ship, dine on the floating restarting,
Sock239Jun 27 @ 5:31 PM
My igloo is a Boat that represents the Steamboat Wille. I worked my tail feather off to make it. So if you don’t nominate me I gonna lose it!! So nominate me.😺
CookiezitoJun 26 @ 9:01 AM
Note: I'm commenting again because looks like the comment I sent yesterday wasn't approved.
CookiezitoJun 26 @ 9:00 AM
My igloo is a paradise for crazy people. I mean, if we can make the furniture tilt, WHY WOULD I WANT TO PUT THEM NORMAL IN MY IGLOO??!! There you will find an impossible jumping quest, a flying ship, hmmmm, a little chair, and more... You have to visit to see what else can you find in this igloo :3