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Waddle On


CP9792770033Oct 28 @ 7:47 AM
Also The Season 2 Of Blaze And Friends Is Set To Be Out On June 21, 2019 In Time For The Premiere Of Toy Story 4! And Annie Potts Is Set To Voice Starla For Season 2 Because Joan Cusack Voiced Her In Season 1!
And She's Also Currently Voicing Jessie In Toy Story 4!
CP9792770033Oct 28 @ 7:44 AM
Event: Blaze And Friends Season 1 Celebration!
When: Today! At 9:00 PST
Where: Anywhere!
Details: Season 1 Of Blazed And Friends Was Released On October 16, 2018 To Celebrate The Premiere Of The Power Tires Episode!
HDAgentJul 29 @ 4:49 PM
When July 30th 9:00AM PST
Where Franky’s on alpine
Bring pizza if you are a member and want to be a waiter
HDAgentJul 29 @ 4:51 PM
See you there
Sock239Jul 27 @ 7:46 PM
Disney dance of dreams Party
When July 31
Where my igloo
Dress as a Disney character and Dj is.....Dale from chip and dale!!!! Bring food
Sock239Jul 28 @ 10:22 AM
Correction it’s now DJ Daf Duck In other words Dewey from Ducktales
HDAgentJul 29 @ 5:17 PM
What time is the event
Sock239Jul 30 @ 7:24 AM
Now the Dj is Mickey Mouse
HDAgentJul 29 @ 5:16 PM
What is time
Sock239Jul 30 @ 7:23 AM
rosegarden44Jul 22 @ 5:13 AM
School at rosegarden44’s igloo! Lunch will be provided but if you’d like you can bring your own. Puffle studies and penguin history are going to be what we need to do so plz be ready. Be sure you bring everything you need. Time is tomorrow at 9:00 am PST. Hope you can come! Rose out!
Robotbird1Jul 21 @ 2:39 PM
Soccer tornament my igloo if you want to come jump if your my friend or try to see my igloo at the popular spot but I’m hardly on there I’ve made great things but anyway two teams red and blue the server will be alpine and it’s available all the time can you win the trophy cup and win then comeOver
ChaiTea600Jul 20 @ 12:41 PM
Movie additions my iggy now ChaiTea6000
Sock239Jul 19 @ 9:41 AM
Event famtasmic final
When July 29 rehearsals this weekend
Where my iggy
Dress as a Disney character
Skipy56Jul 19 @ 9:39 AM
Disney party at sock239 iggy starts now plz go
TrustedGamerJul 18 @ 6:22 AM
Have fun.remember WADDLE ON
TrustedGamerJul 18 @ 6:18 AM
The event is called dance club
It is at my igloo
You dance sing play games and have fun
It is at 21st of July
The server is marshmallow
P.S if I am not there you can still have fun.
TrustedGamerJul 18 @ 5:41 AM
The server is hockey