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Waddle On


Rue8Jul 15 @ 1:22 PM
my event security party today 4:00 pst at my iggy im counting on you penguin pals
RamtruckJul 15 @ 8:02 AM
Please help bots on the loss blue if see run
Fuzzy11Jul 14 @ 8:01 PM
my event is tomorrow if you forgot. server blizzard at island central 1 30 pm club
Ays2007Jul 12 @ 9:05 AM
Event: non member meet up
When: July 13- August 13
Where: coconut cove
Details: a place where non members can get things that members can access
( including, hair and hats, costumes, tops, and shoes) non members can access up to four items. They must pay the same amount of coins as members.
Ays2007Jul 12 @ 11:08 AM
I want to change something I said- I want it to be on the designer, that way, anyone can access it anywhere
Ays2007Jul 13 @ 6:20 AM
*says to club penguin* Why you always lien'!!!!????
Sock239Jul 12 @ 7:35 AM
Event Disney live Mickeys zombie spectacular (Plus it means the Zombie Disney Movie)
When July 26and27 rehearsals Friday Saturday and Sunday
Where my iggy
The characters need to be Mickey and friends Zombies cast and desetences 2 (I hardly know the zombies movie but maybe my friends can help
Sock239Jul 13 @ 5:51 AM
Plus I got the idea from a music video from when I was watching Ducktales
Kinsley9Jul 11 @ 12:22 PM
Hi guys so for my birthday party like I had mitchend later I just released that I need a band to play so for adithons meet me by the stage in the cove today at twelve who ever wins plays at my birthday party on July 27th from six thirty in til seven thirty pst
Supersonic291Jul 11 @ 9:55 AM
Making a look a Dehumidifier movie from Club Penguin 🧝🏼‍♀️
Molly609Jul 10 @ 11:54 AM
I am having a party at my igloo at 11;53
Supersonic291Jul 10 @ 9:24 AM
Sorry, you can do your class work at my igloo, notifications from Club Penguin College.
Delilah50Jul 10 @ 7:00 AM
Name: my birthday party!
When: August 7th
Where: in my iggy
Details: I will turning 8 so I want everyone to look partyish when I call you the people that are coming are Sophie pink89 f l I p p y and Flower Steele because she’s my sister see you three there!
Kidstar2Jul 09 @ 5:29 PM
I am having a event in my iggy for cheer tryouts at 3:00 real time July 10 hope you guys can be there!
Supersonic291Jul 09 @ 7:57 AM
I am taking attendance to all college students, please reply when present!
Hanna1093Jul 08 @ 6:11 PM
Pumkin pie1Jul 08 @ 5:47 AM
Hi! I’m forming a new group called igloo creators! If you wanna join, then please meet in the Cove stage in server Grizzly. I will be saying the newest people who join! We will talk about making igloos and ideas.
the smartestJul 08 @ 1:40 AM
i will make a podcast
Alicat9595Jul 07 @ 6:06 PM
I am at my igloo and waiting for penguins at my iggy for the superhero city
Donut QueenJul 07 @ 4:28 PM
I forgot something else it is 0 hours 5 minutes and 30 seconds
Donut QueenJul 07 @ 4:26 PM
And I forget to mention WADDLE ON MY PEEPS 🐧! ! !
Donut QueenJul 07 @ 4:24 PM
Update (again) *sighs* well I want to actually think of my other own event throwing away the one that I was planing before and gess what I’m plannig a roller coaster and it’s gonna all around the island well exept the sea caves XD it will start at the boardwalk then it ends in mountain blizzard
Donut QueenJul 06 @ 7:31 PM
Ok update xd uh I have from my own game idea and I want to make it with some decals and some balls to hit the target with and the decals will be from the clothing decals orange waves but I think it’s gonna be awsome !
Sofia styleJul 06 @ 12:38 PM
My party will be at the cove st 4:00 pm in pst tonight bring what ever you want.

-sofia style
Sofia styleJul 06 @ 12:29 PM
My party is a summer cool off. The time is 4:00 pm in pst. It’s at the cove. Bring any thing refreshing you want. I hope I can see you there thx and have a great day
Pony260Jul 06 @ 10:42 AM
Soccer Mach
When: July 7 2018 at 10:30 PST
Where: ice age
Details: come to my igloo