Hi penguin pals,

Choosing a winner this month was especially tough. After cutting it down to five of my favorites, I called in Sir Champion and Captain Pirate to help. Thanks to their wisdom, we have our Expert Builder of the month—Sky Blue2!

Sky Blue2‘s igloo is an amazing Penguin Cup stadium, complete with kiosk, soccer pitch, and locker room. The detail that really clinches this as a winner is the announcers’ booth above the field. Such a cool place to watch the game!

Congratulations, Sky Blue2! You’ve won 5,000 coins and the GOLDEN GRATER!

Waddle On


Cubanpenguin11Jul 15 @ 7:23 PM
My igloo has a kitchen, a penguin counter, and a bedroom I have a garden and a band set which the members can use I have the glitch to where you can go out of bounds and on one of my roofs I have two chairs a trampoline and a couch to see the view and I have a trampoline in the corner for fun
StarBoom789Jul 15 @ 2:46 PM
BeakymooJul 15 @ 1:55 AM
I would like to enter my beach party igloo! It has dance floor with tones of speakers, a barbecue picnic, a fire perfect for roasting squidsticks, a huge bouncy castle and a multi level diving board! Please come and check it out and consider it! Thanks! -Beakymoo
BeakymooJul 15 @ 1:53 AM
Congrats Sky Blue2!
CP2151457644Jul 14 @ 5:22 PM
congrats sky blue2 good job
Splash JackJul 13 @ 12:11 AM
Hey, whoever’s read my other cpi letter talking abt my iggy it’s going to change into a watery Igloo filled with cool things I’m working on it now though.. I hope I’ll be ready for that day...
CP2151457644Jul 14 @ 5:23 PM
Hi splash jack im new here what is a cpi letter
UnicornZozoJul 12 @ 7:44 PM
Obstacle course igloo part two: picture! Slip and slide down the slide and to the treasure! Congrats! You have completed my obstacle course! If you are interested please come! There’s only one rule : have fun!😀😁😃😆😄🙂😊🙃😛😝😜🤪
UnicornZozoJul 12 @ 7:38 PM
I have updated my igloo! Obstacle course igloo part one : you start at a jumble of furniture then you get stuck in a box! Find your way frew the snow penguin maze and solve the puzzle at the beach! Just jump your way up the red carpet and play on the inflatable deck ! Sit in a throne and take a …