Hi penguin pals,

We can’t thank you enough for the love and support you’ve shown us. You’ve been the most amazing, caring community, and, although we’re sad, we want to celebrate the moments we’ve shared.

For the next 2 months, up to Club Penguin Island’s closure on December 20th, we will be here with you. Although there will be fewer Island News entries, we’ll still post to keep you updated on what’s happening.

The Halloween Party is still being released this October, and while it may not be the huge dragon-fighting adventure you had with the Medieval Party, we’re looking forward to sharing it with you. We’ll resume Mod Meet-ups during this time so we can trick or treat at your igloos!

We’ll follow up the Halloween Party with a special Waddle On Party on November 5th. You won’t want to miss out because we’ll be wrapping up the story of Club Penguin Island and leaving you with some awesome surprises! Also, from that moment on, EVERYONE will be given free membership and a HUGE amount of coins. Later in the month, players will receive a refund for any time remaining on their membership after November 5th.

We’re sad, but also excited to join up with all of you for a final, wonderful farewell. We have 2 months to do this, penguin pals, so let’s have some fun!

Waddle On


CP0050597552Nov 18 @ 12:07 PM
OldVintageRoseNov 16 @ 6:21 PM
I’m sad this game is shutting down but my punk pirate shirt got 96 purchases and that will be one of my memories but I am still sad this game is shutting down. Waddle on.-OldVintageRose
SnoBroNov 14 @ 12:44 PM
quackity didn’t take it down guys ... it’s for money increase in global completion the game is not working out and they can’t do it or won’t make money
Slidey 521Dec 08 @ 6:25 PM
JacobMemesNov 13 @ 3:29 PM
I was sort of happy that Quackity secretly took down CPI, but now im pretty sad. Yeah, im completing all those remaining adventures with the time limit i have, i got down DJ Cadence and Rockhopper (i had to look up how to defeat Shellbeard), and now im going for Aunt Arctic. Waddle on, please.
Lolgirl789Nov 11 @ 8:32 AM
Don’t leave!!!!!!😓
HappypearlNov 10 @ 5:27 AM
I don’t want it to close
scrambled572Nov 09 @ 12:53 PM
Thank you, Disney. You and theses games have changed so many lives. Including me.
lusena144Nov 08 @ 1:22 PM
ok that will be fine i think
PianodudebossNov 08 @ 6:26 AM
Thank you club penguin island for creating this wonderful game. It was a great experience playing with friends on cpi
lusena144Nov 08 @ 1:23 PM
yeah thank you.
swagpenguinieNov 06 @ 5:58 PM
Yeah whatever
CP5226733984Nov 06 @ 5:42 PM
I didn't get my coins or my surprises I only got the membership my main account is Snowypaws136
CP7409628694Nov 05 @ 6:23 PM
Thanks for the membership but please don’t shut down this game,we don’t need 2 cps closed down
PianodudebossNov 08 @ 6:25 AM
yeah, probably not a good idea to shut them both down lol
FoxFableNov 05 @ 6:13 PM
I never got any rewards
Dani1322Nov 05 @ 12:42 PM
It started now!
Cats61Nov 05 @ 12:37 PM
WHYY! You’re just making it sadder! I think I’m gonna take screenshots of our last moments 😭😭😭.
PenguinzBruhNov 05 @ 12:20 PM
CP0372348131Nov 05 @ 10:53 AM
So Sad! I also missed the party!
CP3825013509Nov 04 @ 8:43 AM
I am sad...