Note: Since Club Penguin Island is closing on December 20, we’re showing off some of what had been in development. Although puffles won’t be coming to the game, we thought you’d like to see what was being worked on. 


Hi penguin pals,

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room—except, well, it’s not an elephant at all. It’s a puffle.

Every blog post had comments wondering about puffles and, the truth is, we REALLY wanted to bring you those cute, fuzzy creatures. But first, we wanted to get it right. Our artists and game designers were working on ways to bring back the puffle experience while also introducing new features. Check it out:

You’ll be able to get a peek of puffles in-game by playing through the adventure in the latest update. Pay attention to Rockhopper’s epilogue and you’ll see that they’re happier than ever!

Waddle On


ShinyEeyaiyahDec 18 @ 7:54 PM
We can’t believe those are puffles can be there!😁
PenggeeDec 18 @ 4:48 PM
Ummm I have one request please add puffles in offline mode
CP8686185614Dec 18 @ 9:51 AM
wow very good update! and wait? is shut down??? yes/no ?
IDunnoSebastiaDec 18 @ 7:04 AM
I'm so happy there coming back but, will you have to have membership to buy them?
VictoriaDogsDec 18 @ 4:13 AM
I’m glad that puffles were gonna come back in the game but I don’t like how the dog looks. It should be all blue like in the old game. I don’t like the white on it. :(
Wolfie8708Dec 18 @ 1:46 AM
Yay! I really wanted the puffles to come back! I had a dog that use to be a really shaggy dog!
Izz2811Dec 17 @ 9:23 PM
CPI is closing for 2days