This is the place to be! Seriously. We even heard that Tubing Life Magazine plans to visit in the near future to evaluate! Maybe one day, with luck, we will receive the very prestigious “Choice of the Year” award!

Everybody can:

Enjoy the GREAT OPENING of Mt. Blizzard with your friends.

Play the SNOW BALL GAME! Since nothing says, “let’s be friends penguins” like throwing giant snowballs at each other.

SKIP the mountain. Do not be deceived. That sounds easy. But it is a BIG mountain.

Collect Ice Crystals + Choklidium – the chocolate mineral from Mt. Blizzard. If you think “Choklidium” is a funny name, it is nothing compared to some of the other cholated names that have been discussed by the authors!

Travel around the island with TELESIUM and CANON … because that’s what we penguins do!

And of course, do the DAILY CHALLENGES – there are 2 for everybody every day.

Members may:

TO RACE! On the TUBES! Yes. YES! It’s as fun as it sounds. Enter the tube corridors and compete for your best time and collect prizes.

Have fun with INTERACTIVE OBJECTS like Gary’s multitool, pompoms, camera, lifeguard kit … really, there’s no end. The sky is the limit with a giant mountain and a multi-tool realized by Gary …

New rewards for NEW LEVELS! (16, 17, 18) You can win the Extreme Pack, the Urban Style Pack and the Fantasy Pack by completing the qualification missions! The team is so excited to see what you create!

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FlorenceplopMay 25 @ 4:09 AM
J'adore sa mais j'ai renais que même les non membre peuvent manger, glisser et faire plus de choses comme les membres
LolorotoMay 17 @ 11:36 AM
Bonjour à tout et à toutes je suit sur que nous allons faire des super course de luges
Et vous serez peut-être les premiers et peut-être que je serai le Coman tâteur de la course mes je qu'un mot à dire BON GLISSADES