Hi penguin pals,

The island is filled with unique environments. You can dive deep into the Sea Caves one minute, and climb the cliffs of Mount Blizzard the next. But as much as there is to explore, there are areas slightly out of reach. Except for one penguin, of course—Jet Pack Guy.

JPG can launch into the sky and overcome pesky cliffs and obstacles that would stop other penguins. That got me to thinking—if you could fly anywhere on the island with JPG, where would you go? Here are some possibilities:

1. Over the Boardwalk rock wallIt seems this pathway is meant to lead somewhere—but where?

2. Wherever Crate Co. deliveries are coming fromLet’s get to the bottom of this! Where are those parachuting crates being delivered from? JPG might just be able to track them.

3. The potato-shaped islandSurely no penguin has ever visited this island… cough cough. And even if they have (which they totally haven’t), JPG would have an easier time getting there.

4. The cloudOkay, I’ll just admit it—I’m not amazing at trampoline bounces. If I’m going to reach the cloud, I’m going to need some jetpack assistance.


In honor of yesterday’s Ride the Wind Day, let’s figure this out with a poll.

Where would you fly to? Vote on the poll and tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Waddle On


Kittenhappy136Feb 11 @ 6:54 AM
MinemagicFeb 03 @ 1:45 PM
cloud or rock wall
Rudy1205Jan 28 @ 12:20 PM
The cloud ☁️
Riles279Jan 25 @ 2:50 PM
Cloud or over rock wall