Hi penguin pals,

I want you to close your eyes and imagine something.

Are they closed? Okay, good.

Waitaminute… this doesn’t work. Nevermind, keep your eyes open.

Are they open? Okay, good.

Now, imagine—it’s a time long ago. All the way back to November of 2017. The world was different. Club Penguin Island was different. Then, suddenly…

DUCK TUBE!!!!!!!!!!

It was magnificent. If felt like a brilliant light was shining down on the island. But it was actually just the sun reflecting off the yellow rubber of the…

DUCK TUBE!!!!!!!!!!

It was an amazing moment for those who always wanted a duck but were sad because ducks poop too much to make good pets. Suddenly, there was an alternative. There was the…

DUCK TUBE!!!!!!!!!!

Now, the magic is returning! Next month’s party will see the return of duck tubes to Club Penguin Island—and it’s up to the community to decide the style!

Choose your favorite duck below!

Waddle On


CP2475576424UDec 15 @ 6:42 AM
I love all of the duck tubes but I didn’t vote!!!!!!!